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It's everyone's dream to build a house of their own, and for those who have lived or grown up in Patna, when looking at various architectural design magazines for ideas, one of the thoughts that come to mind is whether to hire a local architect or to consult an experienced architect from a metropolis as he might be more up to date on the latest trends. 

The fact is that hiring local architects in Patna can be cost effective and make the project hassle-free for the following reasons:

  1. Every Indian state has its own building laws and urban development plans for its cities. It's impossible for an architectural firm based outside Bihar to be aware of all the provisions that need to be adhered to, especially regarding the zoning regulations in specific neighbourhoods in Patna. On the other hand, local professionals will know everything that is required to ensure that the house is completed as per the regulations of the municipal authorities because they have experience in constructing homes in the city.
  2. Another benefit of hiring local architects in Patna for designing a house in the city is that it will keep the costs low. They will know the best local suppliers for sourcing materials for the construction and using locally-sourced materials is not only the more sustainable alternative but also cheaper than if one needed to transport them from another city or state.
  3. Most local professionals are familiar with the city's architecture and can advise on the right design style for a house within a zone or neighbourhood. It's always advisable to choose a design or materials that match the style of the surroundings. For example, an ultra-modern house would look completely out of place in a heritage zone.
  4. A Patna-based architect is always better acquainted with the climate of the city and can recommend practical materials and finishes to suit the conditions.

What are the different architectural styles one can find in Patna?

With its location in the heart of the Indian subcontinent, Patna has a distinguished past. Once known as Patliputra, it was the capital of several Buddhist and Hindu dynasties. The city also has examples of Mughal architecture, especially during the reign of Jahangir. These include the Mirza Masum Mosque and Patthar ki Masjid. 

More recently, Patna's skyline has transformed with the addition of buildings that exemplify modern architecture. The Bihar Museum, which was a collaborative effort between a team of Indian and international architects is a stunning specimen of ultra-modern design.

In terms of residential architecture too, the city has gotten itself an upgrade with smart apartments dotting the skyline and replacing the sprawling bungalows of the past.

What byelaws need to be followed when building a house in Patna?

All building construction in Bihar is regulated by the provisions in the Bihar Building Bye-laws 2014 brought out by the Bihar Government's Urban Development and Housing Department. These apply to both new building construction as well as extensions or alterations to existing buildings. The regulations include provisions related to zoning, which earmarks certain areas for residential construction, as well as land use.

Additionally, there are stipulations that prevent construction in certain areas, and restrictions for construction within a specified distance from electric lines, highways and important roads. Besides this, specifications are laid down for the minimum size of the plot in relation to road width, minimum setbacks and height of the building.

As is evident, there are hundreds of provisions with which one needs to comply for ensuring that the approval for the house design is granted by the local authorities. That's why it's best to hire local architects in Patna who are well-versed with all the provisions since they have built many houses in the city.

How can one approximate the cost of constructing a house in Patna?

As in any other Indian city, the construction costs in Patna are dependent on several factors such as the structure of the house, the quality of the finishes, the size and the duration of the project. On an average, the cost per square feet ranges from Rs.1400 to Rs.2000. Therefore, for a 2000 sq. ft. house, the total cost of the project can be anywhere between Rs. 28,00,000 to Rs. 40,00,000. The cost can increase significantly for multi-storied houses.

What should one look for before hiring architects in Patna?

There are two factors to consider before identifying the perfect professional for building a house. The first is the expertise of the architect. For example, for a house remodelling project that involves mostly a makeover for the interiors without any structural changes to the façade, an interior architect might be a better fit than a regular architect. Similarly, if one is looking at building a pool as part of the renovation, it's essential to work with a professional who has experience in designing and installing pools that are beautiful and low-maintenance.

The second aspect is the style the architect is familiar with or known for executing well. For example, if the homeowner wants a rustic style home that captures the essence of Bihar's rural areas, then it doesn't make sense to choose a leading architect who is renowned for modern architecture.

How can I find a suitable architect in Patna?

It's not difficult to find architects in Patna as a complete list will pop up in a web search. More importantly, one should choose the right professional who takes the stress out of house building or renovation. The best way to do this is by verifying whether they have the expertise and knowledge to complete the project to expectations. On homify, our Patna architect directory includes not only the listings of certified professionals from the city but also images of the projects they have completed. There's no better way to assess the skills and work quality of an architect online than by seeing photographs of houses designed by them. 

Once you have identified a few architects in Patna, you just need to fill in the contact form and submit it online for getting a free quote.

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