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History M B Malewar Architects & Designs. (Formerly M. B. Malewar & Associates) was founded in 1986 by Late Shri
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“Diligent Interior Structural and Architectural consultants” is a professional design consultancy firm offering integrated
anagram studios
ANAGRAM STUDIOS is an architectural/interior consultancy firm headed by young eminent architect providing fresh and practical
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We take turnkey interior projects
DMP arquitectura
DMP, es un despacho técnico enfocado básicamente a la arquitectura y al diseño liderado por Daniel Martí. Nuestro trabajo
Di Origine Progettuale DOParchitetti
Un’associazione di architetti e designer che pensa globalmente e agisce localmente, progettando, con la testa e con il cuore
Beatriz e Caio Andreazza Morbin juntam suas trajetórias distintas e complementares. Com formação interdisciplinar (arquitetura
서인건축은 인간과 자연, 미래를 위한 건축을 실현해 갑니다. 서인건축의 철학은 인간의 감성을 어루만지고 인간을 포용할 수 있는 건축, 자연과 조화를 이루고 자연과 상생하는 건축, 시간을 뛰어넘어 미래에도 가치있는 건축을
6th studio / 一級建築士事務所 スタジオロク

Architects in Nagpur

Nagpur has been identified as the best city in India topping in greenery, livability, public transport, health care, and the 20th cleanest city in India.  It was also awarded as the best city for innovation and declared an open defecation free city under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Sometimes known as the Orange city, it is famous for Nagpur oranges for being a major trade center of oranges cultivated in large parts of the region.

Nagpur is also among the famous cities of India for tourism that includes Deekshabhoomi, Mihan Cargo Hub, Zero Mile point, Ram Jhula Cable Bridge, Masjid Ghareeb Nawaz, Raman Science Center, and others. 

Deekshabhoomi Stupa of Nagpur, the sacred monument of Buddhism with the biggest stupa in Asia is famous for its architectural beauty. Raman Science Center was introduced in the city to promote the development and growth of science and technology.

The past ruling dynasties through the ages have brought different forms of tradition, art, social practices, and architectures, which portray how grand and glorious the celebrated heritage sites of Nagpur are. All these great architectures, in the form of palaces, caves, and forts commemorate the grand events and incidents that took place in history and are significant from their historical, cultural, and archeological standpoint.  

The core of this city has many heritage structures belonging to the Gond and Bhonsle periods, which can contribute as an inspiration for designing your home architecture.

How do you define some common styles of architecture in Nagpur?

Archaeological excavations near the village of Mansar and the periphery of Chandankheda have brought light to an astonishing temple (Pravaresvara) and residential complex and trace evidence regarding ancient civilization. A collection of sculptures and other artifacts including gold coins, silver coins, copper coins, coins belonging to the British era, household articles made from earthenware and stoneware, and iron-age tools have been found. 

The Sitabuldi Fort built in 1857 is located atop a hill and has a trough created around the fort for its protection. Today, this fort is home to the office of the territorial army and is open for public visits during the weekend. 

Gwaligarh Fort is believed to be 300 years old and showcases beautiful idols carved during the period of the Nizams. The carvings on the walls of the fort comprise of elephants, bulls, tigers, lions and Hindu, Urdu, and Arabic scripts.

What significant building regulations affect Nagpur's residential architecture?

For residential development, following the laws laid down by the State and local authorities is important, before you start building your dream home. Few of these include:

  1. The key plan or location plan should be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:10000 while the site plan should be drawn to a scale of 1:500 or more and submitted with an application for building permission to the concerned department.
  2. The space left around the building to secure free air circulation, admission of light and access should be clearly highlighted, in addition, to any existing physical features, such as tanks, wells, high tension line, pipelines, railways lines, and others.
  3. The ground area of the whole property with the break-up of the covered area on each floor and a plan indicating parking spaces is necessary.

To a regular homeowner, these rules may sound overwhelming, but not to an experienced architect in Nagpur, hence the reason why you must consult a reputed architect to carry out your dream project.

What is the cost of constructing a house in Nagpur?

The cost of a new home construction is by per square feet and depends on the finishing material used. The cost of the concrete structure such as cement, sand, bricks, and steel is usually fixed, however, the cost for building materials such as electrical, plumbing, tiles, bath fittings vary. Accurate planning and procurement processes followed by professional architects of Nagpur, help in considerably reducing construction costs. The average range is between INR 1500 to INR 1800 per sq. ft for construction of a new home.

The cost of constructing a 3 BHK new house of around 1200 sq.ft comes to INR 1500 to INR 1800 per sq.ft, which includes material, labor charges, and contractor fees, a variation could depend on the finishing materials cost.

The cost of constructing a 1600 sq. ft independent house will amount to INR 24,50,000 to INR 31,00,000, and depending on your choice of tiles, bathroom fixtures, wall cladding, and railings.

What are the advantages of consulting architects in Nagpur when building a house in the city?

With the cost of construction skyrocketing, most people take a step back when they think of constructing their own house. Architects in Nagpur are well-versed with building your dream home at a low-cost keeping in mind professional designing and according to your budget.  Additionally, they provide the best possible options for construction, layout and design, beautification, expert advice on color combinations, kitchen and bathroom styling, and many more.

How much do architects in Nagpur charge as their consulting fees?

Most architects in Nagpur charge a percentage of the overall cost of the project or allocated budget. Often the architecture fees will be 7% of the total project cost. When there is partial involvement from the architect, a lump sum fee is quoted, usually when the client has their own set of familiar construction teams. Another option is square foot based, where the architects charge a precise amount based on the square foot area of the location. It is a smart idea to get quotes from different architects in Nagpur and choose one that suits your design, budget, and dream.

How do I find local architects in Nagpur to take up my house construction?

With homify's experience and a city-wise listing of architects, finding a reliable, experienced and professional architect is no longer a hassle. Scrolling past each architect's portfolio gives you a detailed understanding of their style, be it modern, contemporary or traditional. Once you have decided on your preference, fill out the contact form, and consequently, this begins the first step to building your dream house!

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