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Kanpur once donned the title of being the 'Manchester of the East' and is known to be a commercial center in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur represents one of North India's major industrial centers with unique historical, religious, and commercial pertinence.  


Nesting on the banks of the eternal river Ganga, Kanpur was originally known as Kanhpur. This city attracts tourist for its aged monuments and various other constructions, which reflect its history. Today, this city is well-known for having the most prestigious engineering and research institution, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), which offer students a special blend of modern life and traditional values.


Kanpur's architectural heritage showcases a fabulous wealth of structures inspired by the confluence of Indo-Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Indo-European cultures, which offer inspiration for your home and invaluable education in the evolution of its architecture.


What are some common styles of architecture in Kanpur?

The ancient architectural wonders in Kanpur include ancient monasteries, Buddhist stupas and viharas, townships, forts, temples, and palaces.


The medieval architectural period went through a reign of Muslim rulers from Sultanate to Mughal and experienced the influence of Persian and Indo-Islamic architectural styles. The marvels of this period include mosques, mausoleums, memorials, and other community structures that elaborate decoration with fine jewels. The main features of style during this period include inherent decoration, geometrical sculptural styles, and exquisite inlay work- dome, minar, mehrab or arch, and the design of Kalash in Hindu temples with embellishing ornamental styles and scriptures embedded in the walls of buildings.


The Kanpur Memorial Church which was built in 1875 boasts of a Lombardy gothic architectural style and displays memorial tablets from the mutiny. The famous J K Temple is an amalgamation of ancient and modern architecture making this temple an epitome of grandeur and fascination.  The temple's mandapa is constructed with a high roof ensuring adequate ventilation of light and air, and the walls portray beautiful sculptures that display the soul of Indian culture, tradition, civilization, and spirituality.


What are some building regulations for Kanpur's residential architecture?

It is imperative to build your dream home following the stringent laws laid down by the Kanpur Government of India. There are laws pertaining to the site plan, roofs and storeys, rooms, colors, extension on streets, and much more. 

  1. The accompanying site plan with the notice and building plan must contain information about the situation of the proposed building, relative to the lanes or streets adjoining it and to the adjoining houses or other properties along with the house number.
  2. Complete details of the position of all wells, latrines, drains and other sanitary convenience along with gutters and downspouts.
  3. The outer covering of roofs must be made of iron sheets, tiles or other non-inflammable materials and no sheds or lean-to roofs are permissible on any street beyond the street drain.
  4. Rooms intended for human habitation must have a clear superficial area of not less than 80 sq. ft, excluding the staircase and minimum width of 8 feet and the number of storeys shall not, in any case, exceed three.
  5. Doors and windows of the total area should not be less than 15% of the floor area, and ventilators of the total area should not be less than 2% of the floor area that opens into an open verandah or external opening.
  6. Any new work should be mentioned in the plan by distinctive colors along with a key to the colors.
  7. In any street where the width is less than 50 feet, extensions of buildings beyond the general line of existing house fronts are not permitted.


Architects in Kanpur are well-versed with these stringent rules and laws, which is precisely why you should consult reputed architects to help construct your dream home.


What is the cost of constructing a house in Kanpur?

Based on the property rates and price trends in Kanpur in 2018, the cost of constructing a house comes close to INR 1500 to INR 1800 per sq. ft., which include material, labor charges, and consultant fees.

The value of a home construction project depends on three major factors such as plan, materials used, and contractors' charges which amount to INR 1450 to INR 3500 per sq. ft depending on the budget namely economy, modest, premium, and luxury.

The cost of construction of an independent house comes close to INR 1500 to INR 1800 per sq. ft inclusive of material, consultant fees, and labor charges, with a possibility of a 10%-50% increase due to material costs.

Civil materials costs range from INR 880 to INR 1250 per sq. ft of floor area and comprise of the foundation, columns, beams, slab, stairs, brickwork, and plastering, while finishing materials such as plumbing, electrical, flooring, tiles, granite/marbles, doors, windows, painting, and steel fabrication amount to INR 550 to INR 1850.

To summarize construction costs for a 1400 sq. ft home will amount to INR 2,24,000, for an 1800 sq. ft home around INR 28,77,000 and for a 3500 sq. ft luxury home approximately INR 72,15,000.

What are the advantages of consulting architects in Kanpur when building a house in the city?

Consulting architects in Kanpur is necessary not only because of their technical expertise but also, their creative ability. Kanpur architects have their own interview process designed to methodically flesh out your needs, budget, and any tastes or preferences you have in terms of general style or specific features to help build your dream house. 

How much do architects in Kanpur charge as their consulting fees?

Architects usually charge in one of either three ways, depending on how they operate, and what makes sense for your project. Often architects in Kanpur charge a percentage of the overall cost of the project or allocated budget. Other times, architects charge a fixed fee for your project when it is very clear what your needs are from the briefing stage. Paying by the hour is the third option wherein you only pay for the amount of work that's been done. It is a smart idea to get quotes from different architects and choose one that suits your budget and design.

How do I find local architects in Kanpur to take up my house construction?

Finding local architects in Kanpur is not a hassle, with homify in sight! The site offers city-based architects that are more than ready to help you out with your home project. When in doubt of which architect to select, be sure to scroll past each architect's portfolio to better understand their style, design patterns and the like. Once you've narrowed it down, fill out the contact form, and just like that, you've found for yourself the perfect architect! 

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