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서인건축은 인간과 자연, 미래를 위한 건축을 실현해 갑니다. 서인건축의 철학은 인간의 감성을 어루만지고 인간을 포용할 수 있는 건축, 자연과 조화를 이루고 자연과 상생하는 건축, 시간을 뛰어넘어 미래에도 가치있는 건축을
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VISION LIAG believes in an integrated approach to realise sustainable buildings with outstanding contemporary design.
建築とは「時」と「場」を形づくる行為だと考えています。   「時」とは 四季の移ろいの中、光と影がもたらす安らぎの時。   「場」とは 夏の木漏れ日、冬の日だまりに包まれた安らぎの場。   その「時」と「場」を紡ぎ合わせて形づくられる暮らしには

Architects in Bhopal

When one thinks of the design style used by architects in Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh, the image that comes to one's mind is that of traditional houses with mud walls and terracotta tiled roofs. However, modern architecture in Madhya Pradesh' capital has come a long way from the tribal huts that most people associate with the region. The city's architecture has a rich past with influences from many kingdoms, which can be seen in many of its famous buildings and monuments. Notable among these are the stepwell architecture of Bara Bagh, as well as the colonial influences in buildings such as Minto Hall, Edward Museum, the Courts of Justice and the Hamidia Kutubh Khana Library. Another famous building in the city is the Charles Correa designed Bharat Bhavan, which was built in the seventies as a part of the effort of the Indian government to showcase regional culture.

What styles of architecture can one expect in Bhopal's housing sector?

The tribal huts of Madhya Pradesh are a thing of the past in Bhopal. The first step towards urbanization of residential architectural design in the city took place with the development of the public sector organization BHEL's township on the outskirts. This planned township offered houses to its residents according to economic status with one bedroom houses for workers to larger bungalows for managers. 

Like other cities in India, the urban housing currently built by private developers in Bhopal includes apartment complexes and gated communities with villas and row houses.

What are the advantages of consulting local architects in Bhopal when constructing a house in Madhya Pradesh?

The local climate and the regulations influence the design of any house. In Bhopal, summers are unbearably hot; the humidity is high during the monsoon, and winters are cool and dry. Homes need to be built to provide insulation against the summer heat as well as protection against the heavy rains during the monsoon. To plan the interior architecture more efficiently or to build according to the State's building regulations, it's advantageous to consult architects in Bhopal as they have vast experience in designing houses to suit the local weather conditions and to adhere to the regulations.

Are local building regulations in Bhopal different from other Indian cities?

Most Indian States have their own regulations regarding urban development. All construction in Bhopal is regulated by the Madhya Pradesh Bhumi Vikas Adhinivam rules of 1984. Besides this, houses and buildings need to adhere to the rules and restrictions outlined in the Bhopal Development Plan that includes provisions for area-wise development in the city. For example, the Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.) differs depending on the neighbourhood, so it's essential to be aware of this before commencing the process of architectural design of a house. As per the law, the F.A.R. is 1.75 in the central core area of the city, whereas it is between 1.25 and 1.5 in the Old City.

Most homeowners won't be aware of the exact F.A.R. permitted in a zone, which is why it is advisable to consult architects in Bhopal for advice so that the house is built as per regulations.

Besides this, building permission needs to be obtained before construction commences on any land within the municipal limit. If construction starts before approval or if there is any violation in the approved plan, the penalty imposed can range between 15 and 50 times the cost of the applicable fees for building permission.

How much will it cost to build an architect-designed house in Bhopal?

Before the design and construction begin, it's essential to get an estimate from the architect. Usually, the cost of construction will include the charges for materials, labour and architectural design and consultancy fees. Additionally, there will be fees that need to be paid to the municipality or local authorities for approval of the plans. The price per square foot can vary significantly depending on the design style, the quality of the materials and the reputation of the architect. 

For example, for an 1800 sq. ft. house, the cost of construction can work out to approximately Rs. 26,00,000 for an average house whereas for one with luxury finishes, this can more than double to Rs. 81,00,000. 

In general, for house construction in Bhopal, civil work ranges from Rs. 880 to Rs. 1250 per sq. ft., whereas the cost of finishing materials varies from Rs. 550 to Rs. 1850 per sq. ft. Therefore, construction cost per square feet will be between Rs. 1430 and Rs. 3100.

What is the average consulting fee charged by architects in Bhopal?

Most architects charge a percentage of the project cost as their consultancy fee. In Bhopal, as with the rest of India, the prescribed fee by the architectural council is 7.5% of the project cost. However, they may choose to charge a flat fee or a rate per sq. ft. for projects that cost less than Rs. 20 lakhs. Once you find a few architects in Bhopal whose work you like, it's best to ask about the fees before proceeding with the design.

What is the best way to find professional architects in Bhopal?

Of course, references are the most common method of shortlisting an architect. The advantage is that you get to view the architect's style, quality of finishes and creativity if he has designed the house of a friend or relative. Bear in mind that personal preferences and tastes can vary, so if you like a project with a classic design, then consulting an architect whose modern architecture you have seen might not work to plan unless his portfolio includes classic style houses.

It's easy to find the names of architects in Bhopal through an online search, but it's not easy to verify their credentials or reliability, especially from listings with only their contact details. On homify, we simplify the task of identifying an architect for your house in Bhopal by providing city-wise listings in our architect directory along with images of the professional's portfolio. Once you browse through the images and identify an architect who you find suitable, you only need to fill up the contact form to request a free quote for the design and construction of your house.

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