The Yellow Door Store


I ordered a lamp from here recently. Great price and quality. Plus quick delivery!
over 6 years ago
I am addicted to online shopping and recently purchased the Napoleonic Console from the this store. I love it! It's great to have an online furnishing and home decor brand that is so reasonably priced and the product quality is exquisite. There were no hassles during the delivery, the people were friendly and cooperative and my Console is so beautifully crafted. Great place!
over 6 years ago
I Found the Yellow Door Store to be the perfect destination for unique and beautifully crafted home decor items. They have a wide variety of products and the prices offered are reasonable and attractive. What I loved the most however, was their great customer service! 5 stars!
over 6 years ago
I have odered few things like lamp and candle stand from YDS.. Not at all good.. The lamp which has silver bottom has blurred bottom. The candle stand can't even stand and the other glass candle stand which came was not even odered... Now had been trying in their chat section and calling on the number but no response at all.
almost 7 years ago
The Yello Door is amazing... I bought a sofa set and a lamp in an unbelievable price. Guys do visit this site for home shopping.
over 7 years ago
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