Maze Interior


New project

Nature in all its splendor is the greatest inspiration in history. It should be only logical to feel driven to protect it.

Maze designs nature-inspired homewares and care for the wellbeing of the environment – working with local manufacturers, packaging the products in recycled materials, never sourcing wood from endangered forests, and refusing to transport the products in aircraft.  

A part of the change 

Maze wants to take a more active part of changing how we produce, transport and consume in the future. As we see it, we all have responsibility in this necessary change and we want to invite our customers and other companies to do the same. 

Long-term thinking 

Inspired by the global Slow Food movement, where you promote food produced in a clean and fair way, Maze wants to develop the same kind of long-term thinking in our area of design and furniture. 

We call it Slow Production and it’s simply about producing and offering products that last for a long time, produced by people who get decent wages, good working conditions and do as little damage to the environment as possible. 

Hopefully, our Slow Produced collection of minimalist shelves, hangers, hooks and side tables will keep inspiring good, long lasting storage solutions everywhere.

Skeppargatan 17
114 52 Stockholm