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I bought four radiators from Castrads at my last house - I have moved now, and plan to buy some more. First of all the radiators are beautiful, obviously, but also really pack out some heat. And secondly, I found Castrads an excellent, very professional company to deal with. I recommend them 100%. Have just read the last review, I asked for advice on what size radiators to fit for the size of room I had, and it's a difficult question to answer I believe - how long is a piece of string? How warm do you like your rooms? I think this is a decision we have to make ourselves, using other peoples advice to help us.
11 months ago
I've purchased 4 radiators from Castrads and they all look great. I had a slight problem with spots of rust on the most recent purchase two years ago. Castrads offered to take the radiator back and respray or provide some tocuh up paint. I've been happy to try the touch up paint for now and its good to know that they will still stand over it should there be further problems.
9 months ago
I’m absolutely delighted with our new radiators, they look fantastic. The customer service from Katie was brilliant from start to finish, she kept me updated throughout the order period. Would highly recommend Castrads
10 months ago
Unimpressed. Company massively overspecced the radiator for my customer, no attention paid to Building Regs or heat requirements for the room (could have got away with 25% of the output of this ridiculous thing), the rad in question needed to be built on site (also ridiculous - why can't you send it assembled with a specialist delivery team), they sent the wrong assembly tool to build it so wasted first trip , radiator completely full of rust and debris on arrival so lost time flushing all the sections out. Radiators look good but we will never get involved with fitting one from Castrads for a customer again .
over 1 year ago
Great products and good service, the sales process was super and products where lovely. One issues occurred and they where extremely fair and resolved the problem quickly and professionally. Would recommend to everyone.
almost 2 years ago
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