Darlings of Chelsea


We ordered (with some nerves, as sofas are big items to buy without physically seeing them first) 2 x 'Chelsea' sofas, in a light tan nubuck-type leather and with some customisation. They have arrived and are absolutely fantastic; the workmanship is exquisite and the leather quality is far better than I could have expected. The customer service throughout has been tremendous, a real credit to the company. I highly recommend!
over 1 year ago
I have experienced extremely poor service from Darlings of Chelsea from start to finish. When I visited the showroom in Fulham, I was basically ignored the whole time and the salesperson seemed more interested in walking the dog than serving customers. Then I ordered the sofa online, hoping for a reasonably fast delivery, only to be told that the fabric I had chosen was out of stock (which was not stated on the website), and I would have to wait indefinitely until it came back in stock. When I eventually received the actual sofa bed (5 months later [partly due to coronavirus delaying it], I received the wrong cushions (as I had paid extra for feather-wrapped ones). To add insult to injury, the foam cushions provided were stuffed into the covers the wrong way, so you slide off the sofa when sitting on it normally. The issue has still not been resolved and getting a response from the customer service team is like getting blood out of a stone. There has been barely an apology and no offer of compensation. I will never purchase from them again and I would warn anyone else to avoid them.
over 1 year ago
Fantastic quality sofas, great knowledgeable staff and expect to pay through the nose!
almost 2 years ago
Some great looking sofas no doubt, however, customer service is appalling. My order was delayed, I didn't receive any communication on the delay or the reason thereof until I chased. Despite expressing my frustration, a confirmed delivery date was not provided and my request for compensation for the inconvenience caused was simply denied! Also, the reason for the delay that was finally given was that a large number of orders were received - which the sales staff claim is "beyond our control" - totally unacceptable as surely this is something within the company's control!!!
over 2 years ago
Nice products but low customer service. They were fine until we made payment, then they were confused and muddled in after sales service. The delivery team were unprofessional also. They made a fuss about having to dismantle and asked for refreshments because they were doing us a ‘favour’. We need an armchair to complement the sofa but are looking elsewhere. Darlings of Chelsea are not worth the hassle.
over 2 years ago
Our sofa was delivered the other week and we totally love it! Having searched high and low for the right sofa, we were pleasantly surprised when we came across Darlings of Chelsea online. We called ahead of our visit to the store (great telephone service) and when we arrived we received fantastic customer service. Our experience with the company has been great - thank you! Mrs Oke
over 3 years ago
Dreadful customer service. The customer is ALWAYS wrong. Would never use again.
about 2 years ago
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