New project

A fabulous concept.
A concept that suggests, implies, represents, rises, amazes, reawakens, allude.

New Nest, a true elevated home, inspired by the concept of the tree house that doesn’t need to ask for a forced hospitality to a plant.

A dream of joy, accessible and achievable without conditions.

A special place, suspended between Earth and Sky; a multifunctional and multisensory net that is customizable in every way. A forefront microcosm for what concerns design, choice of materials, aesthetics, construction technologies, expressiveness. Towards the suggestive line of a high horizon that is in constant motion.

To live at the top. To bring out the happiness.


Via Perdini 6
40050 Monterenzio (Bo)


Классные проекты у вас
almost 3 years ago
Project date: March 2016
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