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If you want to know the easiest and safest way to get rid of unwanted bulky, cumbersome or broken items – this is hiring professional junk clearance company like us in london. Express Waste Removals is a trusted agency which operated in all areas within London offering weekday and weekend removals for your home, garage, loft, basement, office, pub, hotel, shopping centre and garden. We can deal with your junk the way it is expected not polluting the environment and without causing more disruption to your daily working and living routine.
Express Waste Removals, 107 Harlow Road, Rainham,
RM13 7UA London, UK
United Kingdom


Thank you for your professionalism! So much appreciated! Recommend service.
about 1 year ago
Amazing company. I needed a house clearance the same day. I scheduled their services after receiving a short assessment over the phone. They arrived within a few hours and efficiently removed everything. The guys were very polite and professional. I would definitely recommend them!
over 1 year ago
Avoid this company. I sent a clear picture and description of all my rubbish to Stan (manager). I was quoted £150 and was told the guy would provide a more accurate quote on arrival. They arrived 2 hours late next day and quoted double for £300 if I paid cash. Complete joke and a waste of my time. Don't use them, more than likely fake reviews. Edit: After posting this I received a rude phone call about this review. If you check his other company 'All Junk Removal' he left himself a review right at the bottom. In response to your message, it's not because I wanted to pay £150, it's the fact that you sent a rough estimate to me. The builder who came had no information on his phone apart from my address and then quoted double for cash. It's your job to quote as close as possible and then give that information to the person actually quoting. If you were more accurate in your job I would have just said no in the first place and saved us both the time. Why didn't you tell the builder £150?
over 1 year ago