Express Waste Removals


Thank you for your professionalism! So much appreciated! Recommend service.
11 months ago
Amazing company. I needed a house clearance the same day. I scheduled their services after receiving a short assessment over the phone. They arrived within a few hours and efficiently removed everything. The guys were very polite and professional. I would definitely recommend them!
12 months ago
Avoid this company. I sent a clear picture and description of all my rubbish to Stan (manager). I was quoted £150 and was told the guy would provide a more accurate quote on arrival. They arrived 2 hours late next day and quoted double for £300 if I paid cash. Complete joke and a waste of my time. Don't use them, more than likely fake reviews. Edit: After posting this I received a rude phone call about this review. If you check his other company 'All Junk Removal' he left himself a review right at the bottom. In response to your message, it's not because I wanted to pay £150, it's the fact that you sent a rough estimate to me. The builder who came had no information on his phone apart from my address and then quoted double for cash. It's your job to quote as close as possible and then give that information to the person actually quoting. If you were more accurate in your job I would have just said no in the first place and saved us both the time. Why didn't you tell the builder £150?
12 months ago
Used them to remove mixed household waste. They came next day and priced it up, later collected everything for the money agreed on previously. Communication was good, cost was fair, speedy responses via WhatsApp. Recommended.
over 1 year ago
They visited the property and gave a verbal quotation; perfectly decent guys. I called their office to arrange a date and asked for an email quote. The quote did not arrive. When the van and guys turned up as agreed, the new 'driver' said it was actually his job to price the job, not the original guy, and they needed to charge more than quoted. I did not appreciate his attitude. I advised them their services were no longer needed - in my view a quote is a quote. Time-wasters. I wont be calling them again.
about 2 years ago
I have sent a photo of all the waste to be collected, highlighting the number of bags, specifying that they were 3/4 full, and that they contained tiles. The agreed price over the phone was £250. When the team arrived on site the price went up to £390, arguing that the waste was heavy which shouldn't have been a surprise considering all the information shared. According tot heir website "Full load £250.00 is equal to one tonne)." There wasn't even one tonne to collect. Waste of time, there are better companies out there. Other customers have reported similar experiences on other review websites. Avoid! Edit to answer the owner's reply: "It was impossible to be carried by one person!" > Lies! I personally helped and brought around 20 bags downstairs. And I'm not a big guy (60kg).
over 2 years ago
Great service, all the rubbish i had is now gone. I contacted two other waste removal companies, non of which quoted as Express did! Not to mention that they arrived in less than one hour!
about 3 years ago
A very polite, professional, and fast service. Highly recommend.
almost 4 years ago
Emailed these guys yesterday and they came today and took away the garden rubbish in less than 12 minutes in the pouring rain. Great service. Cost more than if we'd got our gardener to do it, but was a lot quicker to schedule so worth it. Removal guys were polite and efficient. Would recommend.
about 4 years ago
Great service, highly recommended. I contacted them on a Saturday evening and they came on Sunday. The guys were very friendly and did a perfect job. I can't thank them enough and I will definitely use them again in the future.
almost 5 years ago
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