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Alfa Forni is a company specialised in the manufacture of wood-fired, gas-fired and hybrid ovens for domestic and commercial applications which exports its products all over the globe and with customers spanning across five continents. The head office is in Anagni, halfway between Rome and Naples. The unique and patented design of our ovens make for products that are a sight to behold and are capable of quick and precise cooking thanks to both high thermal performance and moisture resistance. The structure is specially designed to be easily assembled and to facilitate baking in any environment. Alfa ovens can be used indoors and outdoors and do beautify your cooking spaces.

The features of Alfa home ovens, based on the ForninoxTM technology, are various. Here are the main ones:

-      They stylishly furnish the outdoor spaces with modern design, harmony of lines and the shine of the steel.

-      They can be used anywhere thanks to their super light steel structure.

-      They come in different sizes and versions to meet all needs (you can use them on balconies, terraces, gardens, poolside…)

-      They have high thermal performances so that they heat up quickly and maintain the cooking temperature for a long time.

All Alfa products include:

-      the video tutorial

-      the user manual

-      the datasheet

-      the base and accessories


In 1977, starting from the idea of livening up garden parties in the summer, the Tradizionale wood-burning oven was born. After 40 years, the Tradizionale is still there but the company has never stopped growing and keeping up with the times. The spark of the Alfa revolution occurred in a warm summer evening in 2010, driven by the urgent need to feed a larger-than-expected crowd and thinking about how to reduce the heating time of the oven. ForninoxTM technology brilliantly addressed the challenge of maintaining heat in the oven without perverting the traditional way of baking. The following tests paid off and an oven that reaches the ideal temperature in just 10 minutes and churns out 50 pizzas per hour came into being! So, thanks to an engaged and motivated team of craftsmen and professionals steeped in tradition and with an eye to the future, Alfa has become a pioneer company in the production of outdoor wood and gas-fired ovens staying true to its mission to innovate and lead by example.

Company awards
  • “We imagine a world where the wood fired oven becomes an intuitive device for everybody. We’d like to bring people back to their roots and see one of our flame ovens in every home.”
via Osteria della Fontana 63
03012 Anagni


i forni ALFA sono Fantastici, è un piacere organizzare feste tra amici e divertirsi a cucinare in famiglia
9 months ago
Project date: May 2020
I forni Alfa sono prodotti incredibili e di qualità. Da quando lo abbiamo installato a casa i nostri amici non vogliono più andar via. Ideale per ottime pizze, pietanze al forno, grigliate e riscaldare.
almost 2 years ago
Limitare l’utilizzo dei forni Alfa ai soli frutti della panificazione è un delitto! La loro versatilità e flessibilità di prestazioni unite ad una eccezionale stabilità li rendono gli strumenti ideali per consentirmi di valorizzare tutte le mie cotture tradizionali.
almost 2 years ago
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