Rain Productions


I had horrible experience they can't be reached I've been trying for a while now but still I can't reach them. All their contacts numbers are not working. Their simcard is giving me hard times i don't know where to report anymore, meanwhile they still deducting. Just nightmare 🙌
8 months ago
Slow network always issues
9 months ago
Everything is working well n came in time problem i face now n then is crus network coverage cos at tyms i stay 3days struggling but its a good product
over 1 year ago
Asked for a quote. Never got one
about 2 years ago
Management is not problem
over 3 years ago
over 4 years ago
Professional from start to finish! Thank you Rain-will use your services again.
over 4 years ago
It's the best 👌🏻😁
about 8 years ago
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