The market of artificial stone actually proposes the reconstruction of the shapes and the appearance of natural stone, utilising as a prime material inerts of different origins and a variety of binders. These, after the various mixing stages, get poured into moulds, and the mix goes through a series of consolidation and drying processes.

From the prime materials to the acrylic resin, from the moulds to the boxes, only Italian components and materials are used on the VALPIETRA® production line. Even the silicone moulds needed for the casting of the cold mixture are designed and produced in our factory. The entire production process is done on site in our factory, including the natural drying procedure and the final packaging.

THE PRODUCT - The mix for a perfect product

The manufacture of our products, has been kept at a handmadelevel, reflecting our philosophy of environmental sustainability pursued by our company.
The ‘manic’ direct care and attention to details, which encompasses the entire production process from the conception of the molds to the last checks of a single panel prior to packaging, guarantees the quality of a new product. This is particularly interesting for a market, which is increasingly looking for modular, easy to apply, attractive solutions. Not even the size and weight of the panels VALPIETRA®, are left to chance: The lateral fixed joints in each model with their various finishes, are designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to lay without the need to grout the joints afterwards. The reduced weight, also allows the laying of the components, even on complex surfaces, by a single contractor, without requiring any specific attachment system, only classic adhesive for tiles.

THE ENVIRONMENT - The innovation that loves nature

In a market where competitors use cement and/or epoxy based resins, which have a severe environmental impact. It is to be emphasised that our company, with our VALPIETRA® line, is unique with a low environmental impact; from the cold technology production of the cladding panels and the use and development of high performance water-based acrylic resins. The advantage of this production process is that each manufacturing phase, does not require the use of energy therefore it could be classified as a non energetic consumption process. The environmental impact is further significantly reduced with using natural raw materials and non-toxic water soluble binders. This makes an eventual, disposal process equivalent the same as that of real stone, not requiring any special disposal treatments.

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