Founded by Rahul Bansal and Amit Aurora, who graduated in 1993 from the esteemed School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, DCA ARCHITECTS as a design studio was spearheaded in 1996. With a unique ethos of Dream. Design. Discover. Deliver, DCA ARCHITECTS provides services in Architecture, Interior design and Design Coordination across a wide range of buildings. Every project is a successful result of a structured collaboration between the design team, clients and the spaces, thereby crafting innovative and sophisticated design solutions. Driven by its team of experienced project managers, the studio is equipped with the expertise, experience and capacity to deliver design, planning, interior design solutions and development/implementation of brand identities.

Design as a tool is optimized to transcend the client’s vision to create a ‘unique, bespoke design’, tailored to the aspirations of the client and maximize the project’s potential and create value through design via research and collaboration. Creativity is key to the design process, and delivering within the commercial and qualitative parameters is imperative to operations. Envisioned as a 360 degree integrated architecture and interior design solutions firm, the studio has over the last twenty years, successfully designed award-winning spaces and retail identities of various corporate and luxury Brands along with Luxury Stores, boutiques, restaurants, salons, residences, and other commercial work that has been implemented pan-India.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Design Coordination
  • Spatial planning
Service areas
India and New Delhi
344, Near Sultanpur metro station,
110030 New Delhi


By far the best Architects in the business, who think 'out of the box'. One of the top 100 architects of India. Young and very promising, for them (Rahul and Amit) only sky can be the limit.
over 5 years ago
Allows to be confident! A great work culture and productive environment.
10 months ago
Groupdca are the most difficult people to work with, once you work with them know that if you share inputs which doesn’t align with their thoughts they will lose interest in your project and once that happens no matter how hard you try you will not be able to receive inputs or response from them smoothly. I lost my valuable time waiting for response. I am facing the repercussions of that today. I don’t wish for anyone to have a similar experience.
8 months ago