Premium Residential Remodeling


اسان شاگردن ۾ تجربو آهيون اسان توهان کي ڪجهه بحالي جي پنهنجي اڏامائي تي ڪرڻ تي سوچيو ٿا؟ ايستائين جو ڀروسي ڪرڻ، نئين کابيواري، رانديون، ڦڦڙن، شاور؟ ڊان اهو وڌيڪ نه سوچيو. اهو هاڻي بهتر ڪرڻ جو بهترين وقت آهي، ۽ پريميميم ريلويڊل ريموڊنگنگ توهان جو بهترين اختيار آهي. اسان صرف هڪ هفتي ۾ توهان جي سمور شاور جي بحالي ۾ ڪري سگهو ٿا. ڇا توهان غسل بدران بدبختي وانگر آهيو؟ ڇا توهان مخالفين وانگر چاهيو ٿا؟ يا شايد شايد هر شي نوان ۽ تنصيب کي ٻي جاء تي ٺاهيو؟ جيڪڏهن توهان هٿيارن ۾ آهيو ته هاڻ اسان کي سڏين ٿا: (713) 550-7614.

3516 T C Jester Blvd
77018 Houston
United States


After much deliberation, my family decided to work with Premium Home Remodeling to update our upstairs bathroom. We were well taken care of every step of the way from the initial quote and choosing finishes to executing the job. The job was done within 2 weeks. We will absolutely be working with this company on future projects.
6 months ago
This company is great. Medi and Frank have been with me every step of the way and made sure I got everything I wanted and then some. They have transformed my house to a whole new living space that I am proud to call my home. Special thanks to David and Jose. Those guys can do anything! What a team. Thanks very much for finishing on time and doing such a wonderful job.
7 months ago
Completely demolished and rebuilt master bathroom. Completed work in four days. Amazing!. Very professional. Courteous, friendly, answered all questions no matter how many times asked. Helped with the selection of materials used. Visited job site each day to see whether or not everything was going according to plan. On time each day. Worked a full day with breaks for lunch, never more than one hour. Promised we would be completely satisfied and we are. Would recommend this company in a heartbeat. KUDDOS to PREMIUM RESIDENTIAL REMODELING COMPANY.
12 months ago