Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects
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Bradley Van Der Straeten is a chartered architecture practice based in North London. We produce buildings and alterations that exceed our client’s aspirations. Combining creativity and attention to detail, our professional service makes the process of building simple and enjoyable. We specialise in remodelling and extending existing homes.

Fieldworks, Rooftop Studio B, 274 Richmond Road
E8 3QW London
United Kingdom


Everything about buying a house in London seems to cost a lot (too much) of money. Particularly when your non-London family are buying comparative castles for half the price and having building work done on them for half of that. We were buying a "project" and so the potential cost was both unknown and potentially very concerning. I'd never bought a house before. I'd certainly never bought one that needed a load of work, and I'm not my old man, so I know less than zero about DIY. So before we made the offer, we got in touch with a couple of architects to come and have a look at the house and suggest how we might do it and what potential cost might be to try and have at least a rough budget for the total cost. Enter George Bradley. From the start he was open, honest, positive and seemed genuinely interested in what we wanted. He also seemed to know what he was doing which helped convince us that, in this world of spiralling cost and questions of "do we really need to spend on that?", the architect was going to be a very worthwhile investment. I imagined an architect might be always pushing you to spend more money so the project would like nice on their instagram page but we only ever had the opposite impression with George and Ewald. They listened to us the whole way. Sure they had a couple of crazy ideas (you're suggesting we set fire to that nice expensive wood for the cladding and have it blackened ??) but which creative doesn't ! You learn the most about people in difficult times and midway through the project when we had some issues with the builders, George and Ewald really stepped up and took responsibility. Not blaming everyone else, just taking responsibility and getting it back on track. Whenever I read these reviews I wonder what the person's agenda is. How they know the person etc. Why has this guy written such a long review (it's COVID lockdown, what else am I going to do... my job ??) Yes I am helping out a couple of friends now, but they weren't friends before we bought the house. We'd never met either of them. Over the course of the project we had some pretty stressful times but that's just par for the course when you're buying a house... we also had a lot more LOLZ. So 5 stars from this reviewer. And eternal gratitude. Just get them to double check the configuration of the lights, our bathroom is a bit dark....
about 1 year ago
BVDS are an incredibly talented set of architects! We worked with them on the renovation of our house in Hackney and we couldn’t be happier with the service, vision and attentiveness of the people there. They had a real focus and conviction in the design from the outset, which was important with our project because it was quite complicated. They really care about the relationship with the client and are extremely detailed in their design approach. As a result of their work BVDS have created for us a house that is incredibly easy to live in. Every inch of the design was well thought through and considered carefully. The end result is very impressive!! We couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Great people and cracking architects!
over 1 year ago
Having had an unnecessarily stressful and costly experience we discovered BVDS are mainly interested in how the property will look in a magazine shoot, and not listening to your thoughts on the basic details about how to live in the property as a home. Our first experience with an architect and not one I would want anyone to have to go through, especially having now worked with another architect and seeing how structured, professional and enjoyable the process can be. Frustratingly we have had to reapply for planning due a lack of understanding of planning regulations, resulting in significant misses and errors in the submission – simply a lack of attention to detail from BVDS throughout the process. To top it all off, BVDS thought it was acceptable to end things with us by an email completely out of the blue, they didn’t even have the courtesy to have a conversation – still in shock about it if I’m honest. Beware!
about 1 year ago
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