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AIKAA DESIGNS was conceived with the idea of formulating a world class interior design and decor firm in Metropolitan Chennai. The firm was structured around the idea to ensure every project that we undertake irrespective of its budget is able to achieve a unique sense of aesthetic appeal. 

Our promise to our clients is that we not only provide finest quality of craftsmanship but we provide it at the most affordable price. This promise has helped us in rapidly expanding to various cities across India in a short span of time. We believe the best marketing strategy for any company would be to create happy customers. We at AIKAA DESIGNS Not Just Create Happy Customers , We Create Happy Homes

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  • Chennai
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7E Bhaggyam Lakeshore , 29/13 200 Feet Radial Road,
600117 Chennai


One of the worst company I have come across. Very unprofessional they don't complete the project . Came to them to design my 4 bhk flat . They took more than a year not even half of my project was complete . They will pass on the work to vendor on the name of turnkey project who inturn pass on to other subcontractors . They workers wont come to site properly nor they send skilled labour's. These people will loot your money . We have to call or msg them continuously to get our work . Most of the times they won't answer yours. They will return back your calls after 3 or 4 days giving some lame excuse . Even after a year of passing and taken 80% of cost of the project money they not even completed 40% of work . I have to terminate them. I occurred huge financial loss also mental stress in way the execute n maintain our site .one most important thing is the materials they use for execution are all low quality materials but the charge you high . For the amount you pay they buy cheap materials n duplicate materials specially all the electrical related works in your site . Frauds
about 1 year ago
Project date: February 2021
Unprofessional company ,don't deal with them and waste your money,they will not pay vendors , simple example ,in their website official number will be switched off and unofficially number with name swapna is in working condition ,if any ask about payment she told she is not authorised and she not aware why they put her number,with this any one can understand what they are unprofessional doing business
over 1 year ago
 unprofessional service .once the project gets over you could  never contact them for any defects in products .Unprofessional to the extent that they won’t even have the invoice copies for the products purchased  And none of them would respond when contacted 
almost 2 years ago
Project date: June 2019