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We are passionate about the design of beautiful outdoor spaces, both large and small. We have been doing this since 1992 and draw on our breadth of experience in creating award-winning spaces, to find innovative solutions to the challenges you give us.

Company awards
John Wyer is a fellow of the Society of Garden Designers, Chartered landscape architect and BALI registered designer. Bowles & Wyer has won 30 major awards, including BALI Grand Award and Design-build Award (twice), APL Supreme Award, and medals at Chelsea Flower Show.
5 Williams Court, Tunnel Way
LU7 9GJ Tring
United Kingdom


They emailed me wanting me to do a survey for them in exchange for a chance to win a voucher for a 'prestigious' gardening company. A company that rips off other peoples designs and gets them mass produced in China without listing as such on their website thats tag line is Made in Japan. This is not in anyway prestigious so this company clearly cannot be bothered to look beyond face value and fall for corporate marketing. I wouldn't touch then with a barge pole if thats the sort of poor judgement and morals they have.
over 1 year ago
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almost 2 years ago