Kori Interiors


Kori Interiors, the Johannesburg interior design specialists.

We are a full service interior design company that offers a unique service package that encompasses turnkey planning solutions and bespoke furniture that is custom-designed by our product team in the studio.

How we work

Our service begins with a thorough consultation with the client to get a clear picture of their vision for their space. We then give them a 3D visualization of their space and the proposed scheme . It is during this stage that our creative flair sets us apart. 

Our product designers’ create the individual items of furniture and wall treatments, bespoke to each client that we then spec in the final concept; creating a truly unique experience for each client and focusing on their unique qualities and personalities. 

We are unique, cost effective & creative

At Kori Interiors, no 2 projects are the same; we believe that one's space must be an effortless reflection of your personality, your personal taste and style as well as communicate the essence of your brand.


We offer our services to residential clients (new homes, renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, home office), corporate (space planning, office layout, office partitioning), retail (bespoke wall fittings and lighting fixtures, display units) and hospitality. 

We can provide project management during implementation stage to ensure that each project is executed as per the arrangement approved by the client. We work with experienced contractors who offer the highest quality work.  

How we started

With over 10 years of experience, our team of designers have perfected the art of translating each client's vision into a picture. Having worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Botswana and South Africa our team have gained extensive international exposure and experience working with different styles and construction requirements.

Lets work on your project!

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The Straight Ave, Pine Slopes AH, Sandton
2194 Johannesburg
South Africa
+27-655020096 www.koriinteriors.co.za


Very creative and customer focused.
about 5 years ago
Breathtaking work and excellent customer relations.
about 5 years ago
Project date: September 2018
Inspiring designs and a friendly service!
almost 5 years ago