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Given Panama Chimenea for Christmas, easy instructions to put together, unfortunately the metal tool to lift mesh door off was missing. Telephoned Stroud warehouse, spoke to receptionist Alison. Great Customer service, immediately offered apologies for missing part and arranged replacement to be sent in post, arrived two days later. Unit itself is well made though not sure how long it will last but given the cost i believe it is reasonable value. Gives sufficient heat when sitting on patio on cold evening.
almost 2 years ago
Hopeless. Range them to try a locate a specific product and the tone of the answer-message was basically push off if you're a consumer, we only deal with trade. Oh well, there are plenty of other firepit manufacturers to spend my money with.
about 2 years ago
Bought a squat chimenea from a stockists and when i got it back to build had no screws etc. contacted La Hacienda and asked if they could support. The customer service was fantastic and got what i needed to complete the build. am now going through the curing process to make sure it lasts. Massive thanks for the support and excellent communications. Massive thanks!
over 2 years ago
If there was minus stars I would have pressed them as I didn’t want to give 1 star I purchased my chiminea from Homebase supplied by this company After following instructions as leaflet enclosed the 2nd time of being used cracked all the way round !!! After sending 3 lots of different photos as being asked to on separate occasions they said it was my fault. What a suprise !!! I felt like they was just looking for a excuse not to send a new one Being told the logs pictured was too big for chiminea. Mustn’t have heard of a axe !!!! If you don’t want to waste your money Do not buy from this company as not the same quality as you would expect as quality of product Doesn’t live up to the name
about 3 years ago
Similar experience to a couple of the other recent reviewers... patio heater lamp lasted about 20 hours (rather than the 5000 advertised). The shop in which product was bought has closed down but La Hacienda not willing to assist in any way whatsoever. That’s £100 odd down he drain. Don’t go there!
over 3 years ago
I would just like to say how impressed I am with your customer service, I had a query and got in touch with your company, the response I got was immediate and my problem solved straight away, thanks to Samantha-what a fantastic member of staff you have in her!, friendly, efficient and professional, I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome, so thank you so much Samantha, and I really hope La Hacienda appreciates what you do for them and for customers like me who don’t know where else to turn when every other option has been used! 👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you so much again, and I will definitely continue buying La Hacienda products in the future knowing that I actually AM a valued customer!
almost 4 years ago
Purchased a cast iron chiminea 3 days ago where I noticed a crack after its first use. The handles were also faulty and falling off, it was pre assembled by the shop. Contacted La Hacienda customer services which was a total waste of time. They told me I didn't have a contract with them, and to go back to the retailer. I explained that it was the last one they had because its end of season and I just wanted a replacement and asked them to exchange. I also explained that I had major surgery recently and how difficult it was to take it back and asked could they just arrange an exchange. They were polite but just wouldn't assist. So now I'm struck with a broken chiminea which I can't take back or use until next year until the retailer get more in. Very dissapoited with the after care considering they have a 12 months manafacture guarantee. If I get a refund now, when they are back in stock next summer they will be double the price.
about 4 years ago
Great customer service. I reported a couple of issues and Samantha on their team was quick in responding and resolved the issue within a few days. Thank you!
over 4 years ago
Really happy with my La Hacienda outdoor canvas. I just love the artwork and everyone is telling me how amazing it looks. Will probably buy another one when my wall is complete!
over 6 years ago
Have bought several La Hacienda products recently, including a chiminea and some decorative items. I am really pleased with them all; they're great quality and really set off my garden - I just can't wait for Spring to arrive now so I can enjoy my purchases.
almost 7 years ago
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