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The brazilian designers Vinícius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi are in charge of Studio Ninho. Opened in 2012, the studio main goal is to work out the design in its entirety by cherishing creation freedom and the search for innovation focused on industrial production. Engaged in a wide range of areas such as furniture, couch sets, lighting, consumer goods, scenography, and art direction, Studio Ninho presents a number of products whose features in common are the concern with the functionality, which sometimes attaches new functions to everyday products, and the playful aspect that encourages you to interact and get closer to the object.The studio’s concept was born inspired by the nest idea. Being a metaphor of the birds’ job, which from branch to branch, carefully chosen and worked – just like all aspects of a project – build a cozy, well-established, and interwoven structure where the creations will be hatched.

Company awards
  • 2014—1º Lugar | Salão Design Movelsul—Escrivaninha Easy
  • 2014—Menção Honrosa | Salão Design Movelsul—Poltrona Op
  • 2013—Finalista | Prêmio do Museu da Casa Brasileira—Sofá Deli
  • 2013—Menção Honrosa | Salão Design Casa Brasil—Luminária Post
  • 2013—Menção Honrosa | Salão Design Casa Brasil—Sofá Deli
  • 2013—Menção Honrosa | Salão Design Casa Brasil—Balizador Ignis
  • 2012—Finalista | Prêmio IDEA Brasil—Luminária Post
  • 2012—Finalista | Salão Design Móvel Sul—Aparador Fusion
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