Croft Mill


I've just received my fabric. Its absolutely beautiful thank you.
over 1 year ago
I've had 2 orders from Croft Mill and had no problems. I've been extremely pleased with the quality of the material and the prices are fair. The thread matching service is spot on. My deliveries have arrived within a couple of days of ordering. I will be ordering again and again from Croft Mill.
almost 2 years ago
Excellent quality fabrics, the wool fabrics are the best I’ve ever bought online, friendly staff and very helpful and quick delivery, will definitely be ordering again from Croft Mill 👍🏼
almost 2 years ago
Very disappointed and appalled with their customer service! I ordered fabric over 2 weeks ago and when initially contacting them they said they contacted royal mail and it is on its way and would be delivered soon. One week later, I contacted again and they said that Royal Mail it would be another week! Then I get an email saying that my address was not provided in full even though it was correct on my PayPal account. They refused to refund saying they would wait for the item to be returned to them! Since when is it the buyer's responsibility to wait for the seller to receive an item that has already been charged to the customer to be returned if lost in the post or late delivery? Usually the customer is refunded so that another purchase can be made. I had ordered from Croft Mill in the past and had not had such an issue and unfortunately businesses are tested when a complaint or issue arises. The way they have dealt with an issue such as this has been appalling that has led me to write this review about them to warn future customers that unless you are protected with PayPal then do not order otherwise you will not see your money back! I had recommended them in the past to family and friends both here in the UK and abroad but after this situation that could have easily been resolved with pleasant and efficient customer service, I have now informed everyone not to order from them. I did email Croft Mill to say this is how you make or break a business. Good customer service will allow them to gain loyal customers for life and more recommendations. It is sad that people cannot see the bigger picture and now PayPal have refunded me, I will not be ordering from them in future nor will the people I had recommended!
almost 2 years ago
Nice enough fabrics and pretty website however order processing didn't match up. Placed my order on 10th May and it finally arrives 16 days later?! I understood there would be a delay due to Covid-19 but other companies especially smaller shops are getting orders out and arriving within 48hrs.
over 2 years ago
My fabric arrived yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful. Very pleased.
over 1 year ago
Fantastic customer service. An issue that I had was resolved in 10 minutes. The rest of the fabric that I ordered was excellent quality and I'll be ordering again.
about 1 year ago
Great service every time - and they have a lovely tange of dress fabrics, always competitively priced.
about 1 year ago
Extremely helpful and very quick delivery
over 1 year ago
Bought some lovely Italian crepe from Croft Mill with matching thread and lining. Great service. Had a dress and hat made from it for my daughters wedding. So comfy and the dress maker said it was a dream to work with. Many thanks.
3 months ago
Called in to have a look for some fabrics. The shopping experience was the best ever lovely helpful and friendly staff, could not do enough for us, the fabrics are excellent and a wide range came away with some lovely fabric and the biggest smile. Coleen was the person who showed us round lovely person.
5 months ago
Lovely helpful friendly staff and the place is a treasure trove of material
6 months ago
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