Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio Lda


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Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio is a company based in Portugal with projects underway in Europe, Africa and South America.Among our associates and employees there are architects, engineers and designers, trained in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and Brazil.With extensive experience in several sectors of the construction market, in the past 14 years we have designed buildings for both public and private sectors, specializing in five major areas: Housing, Health, Tourism, Transport and Heritage.Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio has over the years seen his work being published in countries as disparate as South Korea, China, India, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, Chile or Brazil.A strong relationship with the customer, the total monitoring of the whole process, from conception to construction, combined with research and innovation are the key elements of the Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio’s philosophy.

Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre, n.º20, 3.º Piso
4050-259 Porto