Over years of random urban development, our collective mind-set about Green Decor has remained limited to a few plants and pots. Today a modern India faces the paradox of twenty-first century ambition of urban living systems on par with the West while still being deeply rooted in traditional ownership mind-set. This collective mind-set does not let us value open greens on par with covered spaces. Perhaps this is why, we yearn for maximum covered area in all type of spaces we have.

Today, land constrained urban living goes vertical and our focus on maximising indoor space impels us to cover even the small available balconies for perceived better use. This is a systematic demise of the true spirit and purpose of “architecture and design” as a field of science & art. At Grecor we feel the pain of this and intend to re-set the direction towards design that allows urban dwellers to reclaim their share of nature’s abundant beauty. We believe it’s our duty to design and decor buildings, and develop interiors and exteriors in a way that enhances human wellbeing. People may feel peaceful, relaxed and happy within these spaces and such evolved designing should motivate users to engage in positive pursuits. We at Grecor have set a mission called “Get Back to Nature,” which will inspire urban population to adopt a lifestyle which is ‘modern yet nature-oriented’. We want these designs to be robust, practical and maintainable within the paradigm of “nature-inspired living”. Our founding team–a group of sensitive individuals who are designers at heart and entrepreneurs in spirit–have balanced their core vision with aesthetics, utility, and economics to optimise designing and styling of spaces. Grecor envisions to influence the way we think about urban living towards an evolved mind-set where exterior and interiors merge seamlessly in unified settings for maximum wellbeing. We at Grecor have a balanced portfolio of green decor products and solutions for outdoor and indoor settings for residences, corporates and institutions. Grecor serves their customers with full interior-exterior design services, assisted implementation and DIY offerings. This is a massive and long term initiative and demands collaboration with likeminded passionate individuals, organisations, developers, innovators, architects, interior designers and thought leaders. We welcome you on board to be part of this idea called Grecor!

Site visit, Analysis, and Design installation
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  • Landscape Design
  • Terrace Gardens
  • Balconies
  • Green Decor
  • Spandrel Decor
  • Theme Gardens
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