DINGFLUX by Asia Piaścik


New project

DINGFLUX is a design studio established by Asia Piaścik. 

The designer is focused on product design and the relationships which develop between the object and it's user.  As a result of this approach intriguing and exceptional objects that evoke user's emotions are brought to life. 

Gets involved into project on the border between design and different disciplines.

Based in Warsaw (Poland) the studio cooperates with the local producers and Polish craftsmen.

Company awards
  • 2015—projekt HARVEST wyróżniony w drugiej edycji konkursu Siemens Future Living Award 2014
  • 2014—project REFLEX nagrodzony główną nagrodą w pierwszej edycji konkursu BMW/URBAN/TRANSFORMS
  • 2011—the lamp INTERGALACTIC 47 in final selection of the competition Future Generation 2011
  • 2010—distinction at the creative recycling festival PRZETWORY 2010
  • 2009—1st prize at the creative recycling festival PRZETWORY 2009
+48-796797177 www.dingflux.com