tim germain furniture designer/maker


New project

i am a one-man band furniture designer/maker working principally in local english hardwoods but also with a soft spot for birch ply and its amazing versatility.  everything i make is essentially a prototype, dreamt up by the customer and myself and then made by me in my workshop in a field on the suffolk/essex border.... with a field of rather lovely alpacas to gaze at out of the window.  over the last 20 years, i have made all manner of stuff, from tables to dressers, garden benches to desks, doors to shutters, wardrobes to...... well, suffice to say, i like variety. 

Company awards
ooooh… .. i did get the furniture making prize at the suffolk show a few years back!
ip1 2ht Ipswich
United Kingdom
+44-7810011533 www.germain.co.uk