Konu Merdiven


Konu, had concentrated its 30 years of experience in steel construction onto staircases, by the year 2007, is a design oriented manufacturer. 

Analyzing the needs of environment and understanding demands of customers leads desired staircases to be designed; planned, visualized, manufactured and mounted. Konu presents high quality tailor-made stairs without compromising ergonomics and aesthetical values.

According to Konu, stairs and the other elements of an environment are inseperable, so the system should be considered as a whole and designed with all details meticulously. Therefore, Konu is not for everyone; the choice of those who know to be different.

10040 Sk. No.14 AOSB Çiğli
35620 İzmir, Türkiye
+90-2323768676 www.konumerdiven.com.tr