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The firm was established 11 years before, in the year 2006 by Ar. Vipin Bakiwala (Principal Architect). We are an independent organization of Architects, Interior Designers, Exhibition designers, Product designers, Engineers, Contractors, etc with specialization in the respective fields. The spectrum of services rendered by our organization covers the entire range of project's activities right from inception & conception to the final execution of the project. 

Our Role and Responsibilities as an Architect: 

1. Design Role: We are responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of the clients and provides the facility suitable to the required use. It is generally expected that the design proposal is both imaginative as well as pragmatic but the extent may depends on the place, time, finance, culture and available craft and technology in which the design takes place. 

2. Construction Role: Depending upon the client's needs and the jurisdiction's requirements, the spectrum of our services during construction stages maybe extensive or less involved. We typically review the vendors, sub-contractors and provide certificates to them which is based on the work done till date or any goods purchased.

3. Environmental role: As an architect we are required to take initiatives in a wider environmental sense, such as making provision for low footprint, natural day lighting, natural ventilation, pollution & waste management, use of recycled materials and employment of materials which can be easily recycled in future.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Designing and decorating
  • furniture designing and consultancy
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