Arredamenti Caneschi srl


Arredamenti Caneschi S.r.l. was established in the seventies and completely regenerated in the eighties, when we moved to our current headquarters in Via Pievan Landi, Arezzo. Founded on traditional craftsmanship, Arredamenti Caneschi s.r.l. is specialized in the creation of tailor-made indoor furnishings for private homes, offices, shops and trade show displays, as well as outdoor furniture.

The distinguishing features of Arredamenti Caneschi are light and transparency. Favoring light and colors, we use new technologies in combination with tradition-based experience, design, and high quality materials and end products, enabling us to offer our clients efficiency and experience, while keeping in mind their needs and providing competent advice to facilitate decision-making. Aware of the need to continuously satisfy clients’ expectations and at the same time comply with legal provisions regarding the furnishing sector, the management has decided to implement a quality management system in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Quality certified: Aware of the need to satisfy clients’ requirements and at the same time comply with legal provisions regarding the furnishing sector, the management has decided to implement a quality management system in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Our enthusiasm, drive and creativity make us a dynamic and responsive company, capable of perceiving the needs of our surrounding environment.

Our many strong points include:

- being able to understand and satisfy the present and future needs and expectations of both current and potential customers, while constantly monitoring the quality of products and services offered; 

- being able to understand and take into account the needs and expectations of all parties involved (staff, suppliers, partners, companies…) by creating an efficient organizational structure and the right mentality;

-constantly seeking to improve our services, and setting ourselves ever more ambitious goals; 

- being able to grow by continuing to provide products in sometimes extremely competitive foreign markets; - being able to learn and improve our products through university level research; 

- improving our products by focusing on the raw and auxiliary materials used within the company, from the point of view of protecting the environment and humanhealth.

Internationality: Arredamenti Caneschi has been present on the international scene for many years. Following our first experiences in Europe, in countries such as France, England, Luxembourg and Switzerland, today the company exports its professional competences, products and the “made in Tuscany” style throughout the world. The company can offer many different forms of furnishing, thanks to cooperation between our own designers and the external designers who work with us. Every single product becomes unique and inimitable. Furnishings for a luxury home or a prestigious store are like elegant clothing: they must be personalized and made to measure. As Coco Chanel once said: “Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends”. Welcoming living rooms, kitchens fully equipped with the latest appliances, bathrooms with saunas to enjoy in total relaxation, private sunrooms and comfortable bedrooms, all become a necessity not to be undervalued in a world where daily life leaves no time for the self.

Customer care: Arredamenti Caneschi provides complete customer care at all stages of production. The services offered include: Personalized design: our specialized design team assists clients in the difficult phase of choosing made to measure furnishings, advising them according to their requirements. Production: our workshop transforms design projects into reality using the best materials, finishes and the attention to detail that characterizes artisan creations. Pre-fitting: once finished, the product will be assembled in our workshop to test its quality. Transport: upon request our furnishings can be delivered to your home/office/shop/show. Installation: Arredamenti Caneschi staff will personally install the furnishings wherever required, thus following all stages of production.

Product guarantee:  Arredamenti Caneschi s.r.l. guarantees the quality of its products for three years (unless transferred to third parties). We can only be held responsible for defects concerning the quality of the product present when made or structural defects, and errors regarding installation.

 Customer satisfaction questionnaire: Considering the importance of the quality management system for our company, customers are kindly requested to fill in an anonymous questionnaire, with the aim of helping us maintain high standards and continuously improve our quality system to better satisfy our clients.

The company structure closely follows the production process, which is constantly monitored through regular internal and external assessments, as required by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, as well as by external evaluations to monitor safety and the quality of the working environment in order to protect employees’ health (DVR risk assessment, implementing Legislative Decree no. 81 of 9 April 2008). Over the last few years our experience with the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Florence and subsequent consultation with the Department of Product Quality and Reliability at the PIN in Prato have brought significant changes to the company, from the points of view of both innovation and management awareness. Today Arredamenti Caneschi’s mission is to create, within the company’s current structure, a parallel production process to that established so far, which allows us to satisfy the demands of our increasingly sophisticated clientele - always on the lookout for new ideas and materials - and the need to focus increasingly on the choice of raw materials and semi-finished products in order to protect the environment and employees’ health, as well as safeguard consumers.

via pievan landi, 30
52100 Arezzo