Great store but doesn't do dine in for two offer or all Sparks offers
over 1 year ago
Looked all over the Shop but couldn't find the Ghost of Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson who used to Hang around the Vending machines in the Staff Restaurant in the Old Head Office on Baker Street. Holmes was well known for stealing packets of Hula Hoops and Watson those Packets of two fingers Shortbread .
about 1 year ago
The store has large panes of very clear and clean glass,one of which has a turnstile by it.I walked into it beleiving it to be an open door,unlike windows in adjacent shops there are no white dots to indicate that its a pane of glass stretching from floor to ceiling.I banged my head rather hard and feel action should be taken by the store to prevent injury to customers
12 months ago
Located at the M&S headquarters. You always have the opportunity to try first their new products. Relatively small and focused mainly for grab and go and ready meals options. Good partnership with wasabi sushi offering. Hot meal canteen at very competitive prices
almost 2 years ago
Another M&S located at lovely grand union canal💦
over 1 year ago
I have been to this place so many times, and today in particular was an unnecessarily bad experience. I have paid at the self-checkout counter for ALL of my items, but one of the staff insisted that I should've scanned the barcode instead of inputting from the 'Look for item' section which I always do. They are basically the same price regardless, and I have paid for it! He insisted in printing and checking the receipt, which I didn't mind. He repeatedly accused that I did not paid for some of the items which were CLEARLY printed on there. After realizing that he was wrong, he didn't even bother to apologize and packed my items to usher me away. Don't get me wrong, M&S offers many good products hence I have been going to it a lot of times! This was just one of those unsatisfactory customer service/experience
10 months ago
Size is relevant big, but it sells only like a corner shop. Bearly enough for daily shopping.
10 months ago
Mother’s Day gifts lost by DHL My family ordered gifts for me since 28/01/21 and requested Nominated day delivery for 12/03/2021. We received notification from the delivery service DHL stating that the parcel will be delivered on the next working day which is Monday 15/03/21. Hello Mother‘s Day is Sunday 14/03/21 therefore the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is breached. We rang M&S 12/03/21 and they were not informed by DHL. We asked for full refund because M&S told us that the parcel would arrive next Tuesday 16/03/21 which is past the date and the flowers would be no longer fit for purpose. We are very upset that M&S online who let us down and I have no Mother’s Day gifts.
11 months ago
Fairly small for Marks and Spencer but you can find typical selection of posh foods
9 months ago
Good selection for lunch but the people who work at M&S offices need to calm down and take a chill pill. As if they in some crazy rush. Prices seem to be sometimes higher than other M&S locations but hey ho.
8 months ago
Nice shipping experienced. They have so many Percy pig themed items, it’s quite funny. You can get a Percy Pig advent calendar and fluffy toy.
2 months ago
My 9 yr old daughter came into the Coventry City centre store with her Grandma to be fitted for her 1st training bra. After waiting 30 minutes for the lady to finish her tea break which she never arrived another lady had to step in. She told my daughter because she was only 9 and not developing she couldn't fit her for her 1st bra. Obviously this member of staff clearly needed to clean her glasses or go to specsavers as my daughter is developing and does need her 1st training bra. Surly if you offer a bra fitting service then that is what you are meant to give the customer!!! Disgusting service from M&S
6 months ago
I would like to say a huge thank you to Marks & Spencer, Derriford hospital, Plymouth. I recently bought a raffle ticket 🎟 in aid of Macmillan. I won 🏆. £50 worth of goodies. I was so happy when I got a phone call and completely overwhelmed when I collected my prize. The staff and manager are truly the nicest people. Always friendly and welcoming. I love shopping there every week when I go for my chemo and use the Willows one in Torquay too for a big shop. Posted a pic but don't know where it went lol. Anyway thank you again for making my shopping experiences good ones. 👍🤪😘 xxxx
4 months ago
What a disturbed company that has such a poor understanding of what a complaint really is. This company loves to tell you what it wants to tell you and refuses point blank to help in anyway. So much looking forward to a time when this company is no longer as in 2021 you can't continue the way that you are
6 months ago
Beware if you select specific date delivery it will not happen as the use Hermes courier and they deliver when it suits them. I had to take 2 days off work as parcels delivered during week not weekend as requested. M&S support admitted the knee this happens gave me 20% discount and refunded costs charged for specific date request. It's sign of the times. Online shopping and busy couriers BUT REALLY M&S you can do better this is not what is GOOD sort it out
10 months ago
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