Drawing Hands Studio


New project

Drawing Hands Studio is a design practice begun by Shruti Omprakash, on the 15th of August 2015 in Chennai, India.

It has been initiated at a time when many such young, like-minded architects and designers are milling around in the city, looking to make a difference. We love collaborative work and have our eyes peeled for possible fun and lucrative opportunities to design together. We deal with architecture, interiors and furniture design. One of the things we like to experiment on for a project is its medium of representation. From postcards, to A0 roll up sheets and more, the ideas are welcome. The design process of course keeps getting refined, however writing about a project before it hits the drawing board is a technique we have found useful and liberating. Definitely helps create a pivot for the design. Come say hi, join us. We've just begun our journey!

  • Relevant adaptable and flexible Architectural Design
  • Design of performance enhancing Interior environments
  • Intelligent multi-use and statement-making Furniture design
  • Design of productive and activity-based Work Environments
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600028 Chennai
+91-9789223146 www.drawinghandstudio.com