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Local family Company in Valencia, Spain. Fiberglass pools Manufacturer and National and International Provider. Backed by more than twenty years experience, Piscinas Cano has been creating more market with the Polyester Transforming Process, introducing others tecnologies like the RTM application (Resin Transfer Moulding), providing a better product and more economic.

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I have a fiberglass pool model C-61a which began to show small bulges in the topcoat when I was 7 years old, I contacted them by phone and they told me that it could be small air pockets that were trapped in the laminate that It did not structurally affect the watertightness of the pool, which is my surprise that after 3 more years the pool has been filled with those bulges, I have turned to a professional in the area where I live, a specialist in boat repair and he tells me that it is osmosis which is produced by the malpractice when laminating in the manufacture with high humidity levels (I understand because the manufacture is in series and the demand at that time was high), the pool is already out of warranty at this time but not in its day that it was, also it is not an isolated case since my neighbor has the same model installed at the same time and has the same problem, the solution is to peel all the topcoat and laminate it again at a cost very high, I mention it simply so that all these factors are taken into account when contracting this type of work and its after-sales service and information, thank you.
2 months ago
Perfect. Like having a co-pilot. 👍
26 days ago
Very quick to serve the client and explain the entire project its pros and cons. Excellent!
11 months ago