FEMMA Interior Design


The Company

Architecture and Interior Design company in Cascais (Portugal), working in the national and international market since 1993.

Through the capacity of understanding each space, it's qualities, details and the accuracy of each project, we believe in approaching each case independently. It's important to always have in mind that each project and client should be treated individually and in accordance with this individual aim. With this, success has been guaranteed and each completed project is further proof of the quality, individuality, detail and rigour of our studio and working team.

Our Services

- Interior and exterior decoration projects

- Interior architecture projects

- Interior design consultations: Helping you understand the potential of your space, by selecting the best options for it.

- Decoration programs for renting or holiday projects: Decoration programs are available for your renting or holiday space. For every price range, we always have in mind the quality, individuality and detail in our choices.

Rua Andaluz 40-2 esquerdo
1050-006 Lisboa
+351-937053945 www.femma-id.com