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We are a 15year old Innovation Center providing Turn-key solutions in Interiors for Residential and Retail spaces.Our Design philosophy is to provide Trendy, Classy, Timeless Themes for each client unique totheir individual taste, style preference, personal Utilisation of Space-versus-Storage requirements, Budget and Time frames. Our Focus while incorporating all of the above, is emphasising on Quality Craftsmanship, ensuringStellar Designs, adhering to the Price factor, presenting a Practical & International/ Ethnic materialpalette, that bring to Life the ‘ Story board ‘of your New Home or Store. Thus, Understanding & Transforming your Interior aspirations enables REMA BAINDUR ( PrincipleDesigner) to begin a ‘New Chapter’ by weaving our Expertise with your Dreams to create a SpecialStory in both Our lives!


Once you hop onboard our creative station, we wish to make this step forward a long-standingbusiness relationship.REMA will interpret your ideology of Style, Vaastu compliance, Child- friendly and user-friendly solutions, so that it becomes not just a Art-form but a Liveable Paradise & your family’s orcompany’s pride. This process will take approximately a weeks time to create a Storyboard of magic, with 3-D views, sketches and material palette for you to get a touch & feel of the final interior space. This stage is ofcritical importance as we help You visualise how we have interpreted your Design Brief. By Brainstorming together we fine-tune all the great ideas into reality!( This is preferably is done face-to-face but we are flexible with online communication as well)


When you are confident with the Design Package we will move onto the commercials by providinga detailed BOQ( Bill of Quantities), which will list out all specifications of Materials, Quantities,Price, Service charge( labour), transport etc.

If we work in alliance with other vendors for expertise that does not come under our scope, theirBOQ will be listed out separately.

REMA will negotiate with the various vendors & contractors and produce the Final BOQ afternegotiations.

At this stage we will formally require your Signature on the BOQ, Design Contract & the 3-DDesigns and later on all Technical/Working drawings, for initiating Execution.

These Working drawings will have detailed specifications & measurements after cross-checking with dimensional discrepancies on site. This Design document is handed over to thecontractor & vendors for the final execution of your Project.


Our Team is now ready & excited to start work on site . Before we start, a understanding of theWork-Time schedules as per the Community, neighbourhood or Apartment norms are clearlystated to the Team to strictly adhere to.

Following a Sequence of execution is imperative, so we start with the laying of flooring materialwith a couple of polishes before we plaster it for other works.

Electrical wiring for lighting, acoustics, home entertainment, IT,Telecom boosters, Homeautomation & lastly AC ducting, form the network for all value-added services above the False-ceiling. After which the False-ceiling Design is executed with P.O.P+one coat of paint; Lighting,Home automation, Home theatre/music teams all collaborate for a smooth workingexperience whether it’s for cut-outs to fit desired Light fixtures, acoustic material etc.This team alsowork on the electrical fittings on the parameters of the wall space, so the markings & fitting of Switch plates based on client’s requirements, are all integrated successfully.

Woodwork has already begun in the factory & brought in its 80% state for site fit-outs, here anychanges required can be manipulated for perfection. After which the finishing begins.After the final electrical, lighting fittings are done we start doing the final painting, wallpaperinstallations &Veneer/ Poly-coating. At this point all devices are checked for any glitches & aectified if any.

A Final deep cleaning is done before we hand over the finished site, as it is a new space which hasto evoke Pride, Sophistication, warmth & Design excellence!


Now we are ready to handover your Home/Store with Pride & Honour.

At this point, only small changes if really necessary can be done, but we prefer that all changes arecommunicated at the Design development stage.

We hope that you are 100% satisfied with the final transformation, only then we hand over yourKey to your Kingdom or Store!


We hold each & every project in our Hearts & don’t end our special relationship here.

We are your partners for life, hence should you require any assistance in the future for re-modelling, re-furnishing or other interior related concerns, we will address it whole-heartedly!

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