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If i i we to be brief- it was a nightmare experience. I would suggest you do not put your hard earned savings in trusting this company, as you would be heartbroken to see the disastrous results. Her workers are so bad that your local carpenter would do a better job, so you might as well get it made from there or better you'd get better priced products in home centre and godrej. We have now got ugly pieces of furniture who's finishing is pathetic. She designed an bar cabinet who's drawer length doesn't support height of any bottle. That glass which was designed to hold bottles, broke with the weight of one bottle and when i informed her about the same a day after the full payment was paid, she didn't even have the courtesy to reply. Even the modular kitchen is horrible, i dont even know a single piece which turned out to be right. Execution was also delayed by 2 months. There was no supervisor in the site. My parents had to do it. And her initial supervisor's did nothing other than eat and litter the site. I can go on and on, but the gist is it was a horrible experience and i would suggest you don't put your hard earned money into this. We ourselevs are saving again so we could change this garbage. Only thing positive is probably Kiran's behaviour. But a good behaviour weighs nothing to build your home. Also, the fact that she stopped responding as soon as she got her money is now also making me wonder if her behaviour isn't what it seemed. Hope this review saves someone from wasting their money, we didn't have any help as there were no reviews when we started out.
about 2 years ago
Project date: April 2019
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