Woodpecker Flooring


Bought through Wren but I would advise people to go elsewhere for flooring. First off they tried delivering a day earlier than what they told me on the email. When it did come the next day the driver said he wasn't allowed to take it in and left the pallet on the front drive just a bricks width away from where I wanted it under shelter as it was spitting rain. I have a ruptured tendon and can't move it myself so I had to cover it with a tarpaulin and just hope it didn't get wet or stolen.
about 1 month ago
Bought 7 boxes , when I bought my kitchen through Wren , I paid £280, I was 5 lengths short of the light oak Breakon , Rang woodpecker, who charged me £114 + £20 delivery, Woodpecker said they have stopped making the 5mm and now its 6mm, well I'm afraid Woodpecker you know you had me over a barrel saying you found 1 box in your warehouse. Not a happy chap
2 months ago
Ordered harleck feather oak. This is advertised as softwhite gray. When boxes opened, the colour was a sickly yellow. Company said it was a faulty batch and replaced it. Opened second delivery. Same sickly yellow. Company backtracked and now said it was a natural variation in the wood. Nothing like any pictures on website or their brochure or the sample boa4ds sent out. Company says that they cant guarentee a colour. So buyer beware. No solutions offered by company. Appears it is a lucky dip as to what you get extremely disappointed
4 months ago
Purchased through wren as part of our kitchen plan. It was a nightmare from start to finish and the problems continue. Several of the boards arrived cracked, and the product is so brittle that it's easily broken. The kitchen fitter had an absolute nightmare laying it,and it took way longer than any flooring he's ever put down. During fitting, so much of the boarding was damaged on delivery,l or during cutting, and the wastage was so high, we had to purchase additional boxes, and wren also payed for some. The final straw has come today, when the chipping started, less than a few months in. This product isn't fit for purpose. I have complained to wren because it's soul-destroying, when you've spent a fortune and months fitting, to have to potential rip it all back up and replace with a product which is for for purpose. Update * can say with certainty that I am not Happy with the resolution. Whilst I appreciate something was dropped on it, it wasn't from a great height, it wasn't even a particularly heavy object. As you can imagine, I have no faith in the product and I will now have to incur additional costs to hire someone to replace the "gesture of goodwill" the company is making, which is to s they will provide a plank ( if I've understood them correctly). The guarantee the company provides, is clearly not sufficient, if all they repeatedly say is that it wasn't the product which failed, when I (and many more if the recent Google reviews are anything to go by) have complained to Wren from the start about how brittle the product is. I have no choice but to accept the offer of the replacement and I will then have to incur the cost myself. I will be taking this further with Wren, because I strongly feel their endorsement of a product, which as far as I am concerned isn't fit for purpose, and their affiliation with a company who do not uphold their "guarantee" is tarnishing their reputation.
5 months ago
The floor fitter actually warned us about putting this flooring down because the connections were cheap and would break which is exactly what has happened. We bought the flooring through wren who have wiped their hands with us because we finances the floor and kitchen through Barclays and now the finance is in place our account is effectively closed. I've contacted woodpecker directly but weeks go by before I get a reply so I'm stuck. Such a shame because the kitchen is lovely but the floor is falling to bits. Very disappointed.
5 months ago
Rubbish delivery service rude driver left product on the pavement an told my 79 year old mother it was her problem bought through Wren expected better
6 months ago
We have just had this flooring fitted, purchase through wren and it is appalling. Corners lifting, joints don't fit and no one seems bothered about it. Nearly £1000 of flooring has gone down and most of it is unfit.
8 months ago
Purchased through Wren Kitchens as part of a full kitchen/diner renovation a year ago. 35sq meters so quite expensive. Within 6 months the corners of some of the boards started to lift in a section of the kitchen - we assumed maybe water as it was near the sink (although that shouldn't matter as it says waterproof). A year on and corners are lifting throughout the whole kitchen/diner and they are now chipping off which just looks terrible and cheap. We daren't hoover or mop properly incase the situation gets worse. The "warranty" given doesn't mean anything in this situation following a very long list of questions that were sent back when raising this with Wren. Now looking at replacing the entire floor :(
12 months ago
Warehouse staff are friendly, wide variety of flooring to suit bath and kitchens. Contacted them via website and was able to order free samples. Samples arrived next day.
about 1 year ago
Awful customer service. Ordered 3 months in advance to know 2 days before my delivery date that the beading would not be delivered until the week after. That would be fine however, they then delivered a black piece of trim when it was meant to be silver when calling them they then advise the silver will be delivered the same as the beading. They then delivered another bit of black trim, apparently knowing that the silver wasnt in stock, maybe they thought i just wouldnt notice? I called and asked for a call back as i want a refund and some compensation for my time. no call back, i called today to get a call back from a manager will an apology.. doesnt really help when time and money has gone into this flooring and delays into finishing my kitchen. Stay far away from this company if you are planning works and would like what you ordered to be delivered.
over 1 year ago
Warehouse staff are friendly, wide variety of flooring to suit bath and kitchens. Contacted them via website
over 1 year ago
This review is more to do with service rather than product. I purchased your flooring via Wren and it was delivered to me on Wednesday by Palletways. The delivery man was incredibly rude and inconsiderate he said “they dont bring it in”… right sure… He could clearly see i was a woman on my own. Im just supposed to just lift a huge crate of 10 HEAVY boxes of flooring on my own :/ he literally just dumped it on my doorstep and left. Disgusting service. Please consider changing your courier cos these guys arent it.
over 1 year ago
I cannot express how impressed I was with Matthew's customer service. We had a slight issue with stock and he very effectively managed to source an alternative flooring that I was happier with. His communication was perfect, always kept his promise of calling back and his professionalism was impeccable. Just the person you want dealing on the other end of the phone when you call a company. Looking forward to installing my wood floor and will make sure to post pictures.
over 1 year ago
Very good, quick off loading by friendly staff.
almost 2 years ago
Booked flooring in advance for a new kitchen. Rang up on the day to find the flooring had never left the stockists. Said they would deliver it the next day which was Saturday, no answer again so rang up. They are closed Satudays.
about 2 years ago
Excellent customer service, staff could not have done more to help us. Fabulous quality product.
about 2 years ago
Helpful,friendly professional, give clear explanation about quality,cost and suitability for choice of flooring
about 2 years ago
Great showroom and friendly helpful staff
about 2 years ago
Very professional and stunning showroom. Excellent customer service
over 2 years ago
Brilliant showroom, great staff, lovely products
over 2 years ago
Great Service, Great Product, Great Price. I cannot recomend highly enough.
over 2 years ago
We have had Woodpecker flooring before,so contacted Woodpecker direct, there staff were very friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable of the products and were able to offer good advice on what we required. We placed an order and it was delivered on the day they told us. Would highly recommend.
over 2 years ago
Great customer services from all the team there ( massive thanks to Max and Keelan who have been points of contact and are especially helpful and knowledgeable, the others are helpful too and can't falter them either.) Great products and service. They have installed a display in our branch which looks amazing. Look forward to more dealings with the supplier.
over 2 years ago
Made us feel welcome and we learnt a lot from our visit. A great company to do business with.
about 3 years ago
The quality of the engineered boards was absolutely terrible. The wood had notts and cracks filled with dark brown colour filler and started cracking days after the installation. The company did not take any responsibility for it and tried to invent all sorts of excuses. I would not recommend this company, stay away from it!
over 3 years ago
Anyone delivering here the goods in is on the rite hand site before you get to the main office it's a big yard 👍🏻
over 3 years ago
I purchased coffee parquet and bamboo floor from Woodpecker. I am very pleased with the high quality. Quick delivery. Fantastic customer service they helped and guide me through accessories and different finishes.
almost 6 years ago
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