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Décor Dreams is India's leading Interior Designing company, currently serving in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai.
Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh  is an architectural firm specializing in the residential design of unique, custom, and comfortable homes.We pride
12 Square Interiors
We are a full-service interior design firm, based in Bangalore.We are committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfil
About Verve GroupVerve Group is a multidisciplinary design and architectural firm with a highly experienced team of designers
Multidisciplinary firm from Design to build. We are into Architecure designs, interiors designs for commercial as well as
Vitrag Group
Vitrag Group ventured out in 2002 with the endeavour to help people meet the aspirations of living comfortably in the pleasant
Ideation Design
We at IDEATION believe in design of buildings, spaces & establishments to enhance the quality of life and user-experience
Studio11 Architects
Studio11 Architects is an architectural and interior design studio based in Bengaluru, India established in 2016.The studio
WinBizSolutionsIndia, a well renowned 3D design services providing company, offering high quality visually enthralling and
Established in 2016, GI TAGGED is a Wholesaler and the Distributor of celebrated products having Geographical Indication
Glastres Greens
Glastres Greens is engaged in offering Italian Marble Finish Planters and Pots that are innovative and unique in designs
DLIFE Home Interiors
D'LIFE- A leading name in 100% customized home interior designing and furnishing works like modular kitchen, bedrooms, living
We are a Boutique firm focused on Luxury Residences, Niche Hospitality & Private offices. Driven by a professional team
Art Home Production
Welcome to Art Home .We are specialised in taking professional Interior photography and virtual tour 360 degree both Google
Creative Curve
We at Creative curve are specialized in providing architecturaland allied services helping shape dreams materialize into
M9 Design Studio
Founded in Bangalore, M9 Design Studio strives to impact people through places. No matter what project we’re designing,
One Brick At A Time
"Architectureshould speak for its time and place, but yearn for timelessness."                                                                                         
A. J Architects
COMPANY PROFILE A.J. Architects was established in the year 2003 in Bangalore, Karnataka by Architect Arvind Jain. The firm
Soul Ziv Architecture
Architecture is a form of art and the SPACE to be designed is our canvas and art is best when it is kept simple. That's
About US   Design Oltre Orizzonte creates Fusion of Asian  and Italian Contemporary Design.We work to create spaces that

What do floorer specialists do?

Floor fitters are responsible for providing you the best possible flooring that can easily brighten up the overall look of your house. These people supply smart and innovative solutions for the desired flooring in your house, which is an important part for the design of your home. Therefore, it needs to be done with utmost care. Call for a flooring expert to discuss your choices and ideas according to the layout and design of your property. The floorer might suggest a few changes considering the layout, soil and weather conditions. There is a wide variety of flooring to choose from these days. A floor fitter helps you to select the right flooring. Even if you have finalized stone flooring already, he can give you further information about the different types of marbles, colours, shades etc. In addition to that the floorer can advise you in regard to the right colour, size and shape of wooden tiles, too, which can create a sense of space in smaller areas. If you are planning to create a country style house, go for a wooden or stone floor to highlight the earthy, natural touch. In contrast to this choose marble or ceramic tile flooring, if it is a modern house. While tiles are always easy to apply, they might develop cracks with prolonged use. Stone based or wooden flooring has a prolonged life pertaining to their tenacity and strength. Furthermore, the job of a floor fitter does not end with just doing the floor. He is the one who will also advise you on how to take good care of your flooring. He will list all maintenance tips that are necessary for a longer life of your floor. Especially in India, where houses often have wooden flooring, a lot of precautions are required. You should prevent spilling liquids and avoid walking with pointed shoes or high heels for example. In addition to this, floor fitters also work in close coordination with the electrician and the plumber to secure the water and electric lines passing under the ground. Apart from the aforementioned, if you need to install an under floor heating system, you need to call a floor fitter. This unique system assures uniform heating with less consumption of power. A floor fitter can work along with the electrician to give you a well-equipped and modern house. He can also help you to choose the right shade of carpet and rugs for the living room and bedroom. A floor fitter can even help you to build an outdoor deck that will be a great place to relax and sit together with friends and family.

How do I find high quality floor fitters in Bangalore? 

A floor fitter in Bangalore can be found through various sources. The internet is a good source to find a floor fitter. Bangalore has a wide range of websites that can provide good services and servicemen for your house. You can check through the reviews and feedbacks to get an idea if a particular company is good or not. Homify is also such an online source that can get you in touch with floor fitters. Also here you can even look through their past experiences and contact them in person before finalizing the deal. Most of all it is always a good idea to ask your family, friends, neighbours and other people in your surrounding because they are likely to be a faithful and honest source. They can provide you with addresses and own experiences that maybe help you to decide on the right person. Local stores are also a nice way to get a few floor fitters for your house. Furthermore you can even find contact information through the yellow pages, which can get you in touch with the best floor fitter in town.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a floor fitter? 

When hiring a flooring specialist, firstly try to look for their qualification and experience. A floor fitter will usually come in a team, so make sure that you have inquired about these men properly. Also, checking the website, their feedbacks, reviews and past experiences will ensure whether these floor fitters will be able to handle the job or not. Only when you are very sure about these people, book the appointment. If calling from a local store, try hiring an experienced local floor fitter. He will bring along a good team that can work efficiently and quickly to get your house a new flooring. In case you find any complaints, do not take a risk with these agencies as they may spoil the base of your house. The floor fitter should be competent in consulting and advising. He should respect the customer’s choices and tastes.

How much will a floor fitter cost in Bangalore? 

The cost of a floor fitter depends on the type of job. If you need a floor fitter just for a superficial activity like floor cleaning or a simple lamination, he will charge you very less, as this can be done by a single person itself. However, if you want to lay down the whole flooring of your house from scratch, the floor fitter might charge you a lot more as it is not a one person’s job, but needs many hands. Another way to know the cost of flooring will be to search through the Internet. You can find the current prices through a variety of sources that list the prices per square feet rate of your area. The cost of floor fitters can also be calculated by consulting neighbours and building administration people. They can easily guide you so that you do not get cheated or mobbed.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a floor fitter in Bangalore? 

The cost of a floor fitter can be kept low by being properly aware and vigilant about the rates and prices. You need to do proper research through different sources to be able to bargain or negotiate with either an online agency or the local store people. In addition to this, the cost can be kept down by purchasing the flooring material on your own and not depending on the floorers for that. This way, you can easily negotiate with the owner yourself and pay only the labour cost to the floor fitter. Another way to sace money is to look for some online deals and coupons that can provide you good discounts when hiring through an online agency. You might also get a floorer through references from neighbours and friends to gain some extra discount. The costs can be kept down by signing a contract at the very start of the project. This will avoid any additional costs and will also force the fitters to complete the project on the pre decided deadline. Last but not least; take proper care of your existing flooring so that you do not need to call floor fitters every now and then.

What different floors are there and how do I choose the right one for my home? 

There is a wide variety of flooring designs available on the market. In case you plan to build a gym in your house, try going for vinyl rubber flooring. It is easy to apply and highly shock absorbing. In case of a kid’s room, go for carpeted or soft flooring. Also, if you have a toddler, you should be extra careful about the type of flooring as dents or cracks in the floor might hurt your child. Go for non-slippery flooring like ceramic tiles. For designing a prayer room or puja room, you need soft flooring, as it requires you to bend your knees and sit on the floor. All these factors need to be considered before deciding the type of flooring. For a royal look, you might go with oak or Italian marble flooring that imparts an imperial touch. Oak and parquet flooring are best when it comes to wooden flooring options.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project? 

Carpenters in Bangalore

Carpenters in Bangalore are responsible for providing you high-class wooden accents and storage spaces. From shoe racks to wardrobes to even exposed shelves, a carpenter is responsible for enhancing the beauty of the house manifold.

Electricians in Bangalore 

Electricians in Bangalore are easy to locate. They can be called from a local store or an online agency. They are highly skilled and work their best to provide your house a constant supply of current and power. They can also repair your electronic devices and appliances in no time.

Plumbers in Bangalore 

Plumbers are required for ensuring that your house has a constant supply of water at all times. They also ensure that all bathroom appliances like geyser, shower and sanitary ware are well fitted with no leakages or cracks.