atelier blur / georges hung architecte d.p.l.g.


AtelierBlur/georges hung architecte d.p.l.g., established in 2013 in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, is a plural-process, design-led and innovative design studio. Composed of international and local architects, designers, and specialized consultants, we blur the boundaries between art and architecture, landscape and the built environment, between the interior and exterior. Within our new studio, we specialize in crafting integrated and cohesive designs. We provide imaginative and inventive solutions for stakeholders in both the private and public sectors, responding to both regional and global demands in master planning, urban design, architecture, landscape and furniture design.

AtelierBlur is a collective and a collaborative experience. We work around the globe from Asia to Europe and to North America, across different scales and typologies, spanning geographical and cultural boundaries. 

The Studio’s ultimate goals are to engender the highly creative, imaginative and inventive spirit of every project; to respond and to respect the client’s goals and objectives; and ultimately to contribute added value and unexpected connections in the local and global communities through creative design.

00000 Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR China