Since our establishment in 2005, we are proud to have catered to over 500 clients in Bangalore and outside, earning positive feed backs from them all. For over 17 years, FabModula has managed to combine excellence in interior designs with expertise in engineering. This perfect amalgamation of creativity and technical fitness, merging alongside with quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship results in unique home interior designs that fits the clients need, like a glove.

Spanning from Aquascaping and terrace gardening, to home automation and solid wood furniture customization, the interior designers at FabModula  move towards creating the most unique designs for villas and apartments. Our kitchen interior designs have receieved exceptional feedback from across the state; this is designed an unique combination of aesthetics, precise engineering, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designing.

We place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and thoughts of our clients.

The DESIGNEERING process with FabModula:

1) Design Consultation: this phase is where we understand both the client needs for their home interiors as well as the client themselves. 

2) Storyboard and Theme Based Discussion: we look to conceive interior designs and execute them to ensure that the home interiors are a reflection of the owners themselves. 

3) Project Visualization: the 3D visuals help you visualize how the home interiors will look like after execution.

4) Cost Agreement: naturally we have to confirm that everyone is alright with the costs and confirm the same.

5) Project Implementation: thoroughly supervised implementation really helps ensure that the final project handed over is the dream home you have been looking forward to.

Do get in touch with us, if:

You're looking to avail the services of top notch interior designers in Bangalore, with passion and aesthetic acumen for incomparable designs.

You are looking for dreamlike designs, creating a home beyond the ordinary.

You would like to have exceptional attention to your personal like and dislikes, in every detailing.

and of course, if you are looking for an end-to-end interior design experience. 

  • Interior designing for residential properties
  • Aquascaping
  • Wallpapers
  • Soft Finishing
  • Terrace Gardening
  • Home Automation
  • Wood Furniture
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Good experience of interview
6 months ago
When we were looking to get our dream home done, we wanted someone who can do end2end interiors for us, specifically in these times, and being new to Bangalore. We had a fair bit of idea as to what we wanted, one of the key requirements was getting custom designed furniture which is blended well with rest of the interiors. FabModula - although low of internet marketing had enough samples for us to feel they may be a good option. We reached out to them minutes after we got done with our registration and later connected with the rockstar designer in Jonathan. Over a 1 hr call, we gave him an idea about what we wanted and he patiently listened to all our requirements. Later they did a visit and after a few weeks (2-3 weeks of delay), they came up with 3-D design. I must say, we were stumped by the details and creativity, it was as if someone could read our mind and lay out exactly what we were looking for. I have heard designer are either pushy/adamant or just do what they are asked for but in this case it was different. It was about the "experience" and what would make sense, there were things that i didn't fully like but later it sat really well for us. John & team explained and also took our inputs, making the process highly collaborative. The execution, although had some hiccups but the end result was just so satisfying. The 3-D design that we had seen 4 months back was exactly replicated and we couldn't believe it (see the pictures). FabModula is "truly" an end2end: which means right from woodwork, selecting wallpapers, curtains, custom rugs, custom furniture, painting, cleaning, lights, plants, candles, vase --- just everything you can think of, just everything. We got plants custom picked, planters custom designed, quartz countertop, magnetic writing board and even wall collage --- and the best part was they won't talk money all the time. They have different vendors for lights, furniture, wallpaper, curtains, plants and at no point i felt they are trying to extract money from me - it was always about delivering the best product and best experience, It was seamless and everything coming together. Some of the key highlights: - A 5*Star 3D design & the fabulous design team who cares about clients and what they want and rather pushing their thoughts, matching almost everything we wanted - and a bit more - that is always going to stay at the top of our list. - Attention to details in some of the consoles, and most importantly caring about the experience - Quality - top-notch, really liked some of the finishing specially MBR, KBR and Living room - Vendors: The vendors for furniture, lights, plants, Opulence, Painting - i think all were really good to work with. All of them felt like a team and wanting to deliver the experience. A few lowlights - Communication: This was broken at-times, a few times it gives you a feeling of unprofessional structure and dents the confidence but corrective action was taken after we complained - In-experienced staff: Some of staff was inexperience, which is okay but they needed a bit more supervision. For everyone it can be a job but for home owners this is a house they are building almost once in lifetime, we need to be more serious and responsible for it Kudos to the whole team, Dinesh Jonathan Raghu K - we always felt the team cared about the experience and were very passionate about getting it right at all cost - without compromise. There were instances when a few things were not as per the design and they immediately replaced it without any questions and extra cost. Overall, I would say if given a chance, we would not change our decision of going with FabModula. The team, including vendors - all cared about experience and one thing i felt was quite refreshing was none of them really looked like just money minded and all conversations have been around getting it done right. Thank you again for making our dream home. Everyone who visits us asks where did you get this done, and we have repeated the same story, i thought I should just put it out here.
8 months ago
A big heartfelt thank you to the FABMODULA team. I feel happy to write this review today. We recently moved to an apartment in Bellandur and contacted FabModula to aid us in the process of designing our new home. I must tell you that Dinesh and his team did a great job. They didn’t disappoint us at any point and catered to each and every requirement happily, in fact, better than what we had expected. Every team member was very accommodating and they seamlessly worked to bring the best at every stage. The staff and personnel we were in touch with, were highly professional and cordial, making the entire journey so much smoother. They were also almost always readily available, speeding up the task at hand. Their ideas and designs were functional, unique, innovative, and modern. The quality of work done was also top-notch, and we were left with no areas to complain about. They are responsible, extremely professional, and seem to love what they are doing. It truly reflects on the work they do. Though there were a few mistakes they were corrected with no fuss. You will find many attractive/fancy names floating in your mind when you think of interior solutions but if you are looking for quality and reliability, think no further than FabModula! If we have to do our future houses FabModula will be the straight choice. We highly recommend FabModula for interiors!
6 months ago