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South -West view. Kay Studio Country style houses
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South -West view. Kay Studio Country style houses

According to the customer request we created one storey country house of 300m ², with the use of:

- local building materials

- energy saving technologies

- ecological construction.

The architectural image of the building had to remind childhood home of the customer. Also, it was desirable to use the techniques of Vastu Shastra, popular in India.

The main feature of this house is the living room area (drawing room). It is isolated in space by lowering it's floor level up to 45 cm. Above it is located a children's room, 2.5 meters in height.

Ground floor to ceiling height varies from 3 to 5 meters. There are ribbon windows under the arch of the roof to ensure sufficient insolation of the living room and kitchen.

Vastu techniques applied in zoning home. Thus, the main entrance is located in the east; master bedroom—in the south, kitchen—in the south west.

The frame construction system was suggested. Openings between the supporting columns are filled with blocks made of a mixture of earth, sand, clay, water and straw (Cob), which is not only environmentally friendly traditional material for India, but also an excellent energy saving solution.

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