PM house m2.senos Classic style houses
PM house m2.senos Classic style houses
PM house m2.senos Classic style houses

The house is located in a residential zone of Aveiro, in the northwest town center boundary. Its

surrounding environment is characterized by heterogeneity of buildings, not always with a clear identity as a whole. Although with regards to deployments and distance there is some coherence. Appealing to some appeasement, there's a similar volumetric mimicry, keeping the typology of 4 fronts and removals to the lot boundary. Setting a visual balance between pairs contributes to an improvement of this urban quality.

Thus, it draws up a very abstract volumetry, highlighted by the contrast of white walls and the volumes shadows, setting a single object, which integrates the experience spaces, but also an outbuilding and a garage.

the most diurnal spaces meet on the ground floor, with a free relationship with the outside space, especially with the yard. The lobby surprises upon arrival. Imposing, it plays a pivotal role and leads to all compartments. It even acquires a scenic component, especially through the presence of a half height stairwell which coincides with stair's baseline.

The first floor houses a more private program, such as the twin rooms on the western side and a suite on the eastern side. Taking advantage of the high topography of the land and overlooking the view of the city from the three rooms, the design of generous spans was considered a priority. Optimizing the relationship with the city, it also emphasizes this proximity and dialogue by creating a south terrace.

The chosen materials reinforce the character of synthesis and abstract aspects of the house. On the walls plaster painted white were chosen in contrast to the anthracite aluminum. Balconies and terraces guard rail's expression is reduced to the maximum for glass use. The image clarity is reinforced by the floor concrete paving flags which contrast with the grass. The courtyard removes the coldness of the house and gives a domestic scale, protected by a game of balances. It anthracite aluminum, glass and the grass areas are of great importance. It is the space for the kids!

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