Premium Glass Splashbacks by CreoGlass Design Ltd are one of the current high-end glass applications in UK. 

Our CREOGLASS PREMIUM COLLECTION Splashbacks is predominantly about the natural beauty of crushed minerals and its natural colours and 3D deep structured design on back of strong, heat resistant toughened glass.

We spend a lot of our time cooking up dreamy dishes in the kitchen, so it’s very important to be able to inject exciting colour and the right amount of light into the room. This gorgeous decorative glass has specks of crushed minerals which will catch the light and a wonderful natural colour of the minerals will match perfectly with your high spec german-style cupboards, worktop and appliances. Cut down the amount of time you spend scrubbing your tiles behind your cooker and worktops by installing our bright and modern kitchen splashback . This unique range is one of the Top of the Range Interior Decorative Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens and Bathrooms. However please note, that only a real sample will give you the best feel of what the top range is about, and should your taste and your budget find the mutual agreement we can create the impossible only for you. Any images or videos are limited to what can truly be shown and so may vary from the actual product. This collection is suitable for traditional farm style houses, compliments all natural materials like wood of all types, stone metal, but also modern finishes like stainless steel or glass.

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