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Bedroom. архитектор Виктория Тажетдинова
Bedroom. архитектор Виктория Тажетдинова
Bedroom. архитектор Виктория Тажетдинова

Apartment is situated in residential complex “Vorobyevy Gory” (Russia, Moscow),140sq. m.

    This is an apartment for a young man, who likes classic style, a chord of black and white, that’s why the decision was to make the interior an elegant classics with modern accent.

    All rooms were designed ‘from scratch’. The apartment had neither spandrel nor separation walls. Besides a living room, a bedroom and a dining room combined with kitchen the customer asked to design a spacy study. So, it was decided to divide an apartment into two zones – public and private ones. In a public one we designed an entry, dining-and-kitchen room and guest WC.     A private one consists of a bedroom, a study and a bathroom.

    The main goal was to build a decent and masculine interior meanwhile elegant and somewhat luxury.

    Black-and-white colour scheme helped to solve this task. The main background for entry, living room and dining room is white walls which embed decoration and colour accents. The ceilings are decorated with complex molding. It adds noble look to the living room, in a kitchen-dining room a coffered ceiling helps unite kitchen and dining space. In a study the walls and the ceiling are decorated in the same style as a living room though contrasting not with a black scheme but with redwood.

     Living and kitchen-dining spaces are designed in the way that creates effect of flow and connection due to walls colour and print and texture of the floor. In a living room, dining room and corridor we used marble. In an entry space – a sandstone tile. In other words it’s a stylistically single space where elegant luxury reigns. A private zone is more intimate and tranquil. In the bedroom and in the study the floor is made of exotic wood, in the study the furniture is redwood. Besides, textile wallpapers added chic to the bedroom. Thus, the private space contributes to relax, coziness and home warmth.

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