House I 森吉直剛アトリエ/MORIYOSHI NAOTAKE ATELIER ARCHITECTS Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
House I 森吉直剛アトリエ/MORIYOSHI NAOTAKE ATELIER ARCHITECTS Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs

Site : Tokyo, Japan

Principal use : Private house

Total floor area : 125 sqm

Number of floors : 3 upper floors

Structure : RC

“To gain expanse and light by cross-section operation”

It is a house built on tiny lot of central Tokyo. The lot area is approximately 85 square meters. In order to meet the land-use code, area way had to be secured within the lot. As a result, the buildable area became less than 50 square meters.

In order to obtain the comfortable livability within the limited lot, we need to rely on the section constitution. However, having the atrium reduces the floor space due to local building code. Thus client’s requested space is compromised.

Therefore, I partially differentiate the ceiling height to secure the spacious living/dining area without reducing the floor space.

By using the height difference, the house can acquire the air passage, the Sunlight, outside views and the terrace space that creates the bright and open living/dining area.

Each window is designed to secure the clear view and keep privacy based on our study of the building codes applied to the neighboring building. Thus, the window can keep the privacy without using drapes.

Those are the major factors to erase the closure feeling in this small and narrow lot.

Each room except living/dining area succeeded to obtain different level of privacy by degree of sectional separation.

While a master bedroom and the guest room ensure the complete privacy by partitioning the room from a floor face side, the study and children's room are partially visible and close to the living room, 

It may be generally said that comfort and function can be secured without reducing the floor space by stepped section among mutual floors in small and narrow lot with strict building code in the city center.

A low ceiling were adopted at a parking space and a bathroom this time but it may be determined on a case-by-case basis in the order of priority of the client.

The most important things of these are degree of stepped section among mutual floors, placement of windows and the relationship of each space.

These elements play major roles on the space as well as living experience that influences the quality of entire architecture.

I consciously kept those points in my design of this project.

Credits: Moriyoshi Naotake Atelier
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