The bombay bronx by the orange lane industrial | homify

The Bombay Bronx as the name suggests is an attempt in trying to capture the “Never Die” spirit of Bombay where everybody coexists and the city embraces all without differentiating. The iconic dabbawalas find centre stage as a community table, the heart of the city. The train systems have been used as an installation right above the high society seatings in shiny rexine for the club goers with taxi inspired centre tables and graffiti walls which form the skin of Bombay. Between all the chaos we all seem to have found our own “Happy Place” that is significant in the artwork on an exposed concrete wall. We pay a tribute to the auto walas of Mumbai by creating a seat for all the backseat lovers who have no space in the city, and the elite to take their selfies within this backdrop. Bombay is all about the Irani cafes hence the first visual is the old Parsi uncle’s cashier top with old glass bottle and goodies with are fast depleting. The ceiling has been treated like a canvas with hand painted train systems that form a part of the design with pigeons flying freely and some trapped within a barbed wire installation that houses the DJ signifying the freedom and yet how we are entrapped within a city that you can enter but never leave. The film industry is part of the design with larger than life superstars that rule the roost as wall art. The tangle and chaos of wires converging into a meter board just confirm further the chaos yet __ within the city.

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