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One Avighna Park Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd. Modern dining room
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One Avighna Park Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd. Modern dining room
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One Avighna Park Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd. Modern dining room

The Show Villa is a Duplex with 4 bedrooms.

The automation system design comprises of Lighting controls, Motorized shades,

Speakers system, an Integrated security system and Total home controls

including that of Audio-Visual devices such as TV, Cable and Music. For Home

owners, the user interface consists of various kinds of wired and wireless

keypads, and the Ipad or a smart phone. The wired keypads have backlighting.

The Main entrance door has been fitted with

a video door phone. As an option, home owners get to choose between an IP video

door phone that allows the home owner to see and monitor visitors even when

they are not in the house. The main entrance Lobby has an Engraved and backlit

controls keypad on the wall. The home-owners can choose an “Entry” or an “Exit”

scene that activates or deactivates the entire home devices (lighting, shades,

and even devices like music and air conditioning). The living and dining areas

can have a complete transformation of ambience with dimming of lights and the

closing or opening of shades. Predefined “scenes” such as “Dining” or “Movie”

or “Party” help achieve the perfect ambience at the touch of a button. This

button can be on the wall, or it can be a wireless remote or it can be an ipad

or a smart phone. In addition to the flexibility and ambience, this system also

provides the greatest advantage of convenience!

As the home owner presses the “movie” scene

on his smart phone- Lights dim down and the shades close. The TV turns on to

the right source and the Blue ray player and the Amplifier turn on to let the

home owner enjoy the ‘Movie’ experience. Similarly, the Entertainment /Party

scene can be used to activate the right amount of lighting and start soft music

from the stored play list on the phone.

As we move upstairs, the keypad in the

staircase enables the welcome scene for the upper areas to be activated. The

same welcome scene can be linked to the time of day, so that the night and day

welcome scene could be different depending upon if the entry is when daylight

is coming in through the windows or not. In the Bedroom areas, the emphasis is

on convenience; to avoid the discomfort of the heavy duty full length curtains

needing to be manually pulled every time, both the sheers and blackout shades

require just the simple press of a button on the remote. The Master Bathroom

also has the provision of an occupancy sensor turning the lights on

automatically, while someone is present in the bathroom and conserving energy

by turning it off when the bathroom is unoccupied.

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