The living room with a funky retro style phat phorms designs | homify
The living room with a funky retro style Phat Phorms Designs
The living room with a funky retro style Phat Phorms Designs
The living room with a funky retro style Phat Phorms Designs

It was challenging because the owner insisted on me collaborating with His contractor & vendors. All in all, I managed to successfully put together a 4-story bungalow with One unit for the owner in the Ground + First Floor & the other unit for his Daughter & family in the 2nd & 3rd Floor. The Terrace & the Basement for Home theatre+ Leisure Center is common for both families. 

Mr. Ashwathnarayan’s home was done in a Classical theme but wanted rooms to be contemporary. 

We had the Capital of the Pillars were carved in a Georgian style but the Shaft or the central pillar was cladded in marble in a fluted manner for budget reasons. The crown of the Crockery cabinets were Handcrafted by highly skilled craftsman. False-ceiling compliments the classical style furniture with cornice trims & Central decorative highlights. 

Light fittings accentuate the vintage look with a Beautiful hanging Chandeliers as the focal point adorning the double height ceiling & matching wall brackets. 

No Mansion is complete without a Library. All of the families Book collections have been displayed on this Literary masterpiece. 

All 4 rooms are done in contemporary styles with TV units & matching wardrobes. 

The Second & Third Floor have been gifted to his daughter Divya & husband Anoop. They were very clear for a complete contemporary look. From Dull gold+Snow white poly-coated finished Entertainment unit in their Retro themed Living room to an endless Multi-dimensional Crockery wall panel, all visible scapes have been creatively married to synergise. Even the False-ceiling has been carefully detailed with a multi-layered look for that final touch. Since the first impression is the best one, we ensured that a high level of detail has been incorporated in the Panel of the Foyer, with dull gold variations on a 3-step Panel such that the Mail/key Drawer is morphed into its background.  Master suites on the 3rd floor had to steal the show! Anoop & Divya were very clear for a Black & White theme but they wanted it to be functional yet aesthetically unique.  Which is why Rema enjoyed every bit in the creation of this special room. The Smart wardrobes were handcrafted with a panelled Mirror & black material palette, but the walk-in closet is made differently with a Louvered look for specific reasons. 

The nursery was to be made open for change, hence we created a Cloud-shaped false-ceiling with blue led lights & the wardrobes had Mdf embossed bird motif panels as the sliding doors. 

Since there was a decent space on their landing area of the 3rd floor, we converted it into a compact Funky Library cum Lounge space with fun colours!

For the Basement, Rema worked with home entertainment professionals to create a 3-tiered flooring for seating & comfortable viewing. All provisions were made in the surrounding wall panels & ceiling for ample sound-proofing & maximum acoustic pleasure!

This project took us close to a year including construction, because of construction glitches & delays from the client as he was from Delhi. Also challenges with change of Clients Contractors twice over, & other specialists. 

The total area for interiors is around 8750sft of carpet space. 

Truly one of Rema’s Most challenging yet creatively satisfying Project!

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