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Soho Duplex Slade Architecture Modern kitchen
Soho Duplex Slade Architecture Modern kitchen
Soho Duplex Slade Architecture Modern kitchen

Our goal in renovating this penthouse duplex for a young bachelor was to maximize the impact of the light and views that the penthouse floor-through configuration afforded. The existing apartment had terraces on both levels but the windows and interior partitions limited the impact of this exterior exposure on the interior spaces.

Our design is driven by the desire to capture and modulate light and to open views through the depth of the apartment creating a diaphanous, light filled perch above SOHO in New York City.

Materials throughout are selected and placed to provide a rich range of sensorial qualities and to maximize the impact of the light that we have brought deep into the space. In terms of light, conceptually each material is considered an emitter or a receptor. Aluminum, frosted glass, translucent resin and sheer curtains all seem to glow or emit sunlight. Stone, wood, thick draperies and tile all come to life as receptors of the same light. The range of tactile qualities of each material is critical as well as the range of color/darkness.

The forms throughout are very clean and modern, the materials range from an almost rustic finish on the wood floors, the more refined finish on the kitchen cabinets and the silky smooth finish on the dark panels in the corridors on both floors. Materials range from bright aluminum and resin to dark wood on interior corridors- meant to accentuate the light revealed at each end.

Credits: Project by Slade ArchitecturePhotography by Tom Sibley
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