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The Floating Cube House Minimalist windows & doors by COLLAGE-architecture studio Minimalist
The Floating Cube House Minimalist windows & doors by COLLAGE-architecture studio Minimalist
The Floating Cube House Minimalist windows & doors by COLLAGE-architecture studio Minimalist

This House is an illustrative of transforming a compact urban site into an intimate tranquil living space. Tree, leaves, and nature are the main ingredient that brings the project alive.


The site resides in an urban context with southern side facing the road. Measuring 50’X 40’, this site is surrounded by buildings on all sides. The main challenge of the project was to alter the chaotic environment, to create a more peaceful atmosphere.


The main idea was to envelop the built within the landscape. As the building ages and the trees grow, built-and un-built will become more and more entangled and graceful. The design responses primarily to context by retaining an existing tree and brings down its essence inside. The highlight of the building is, in and out of nature that has been achieved by carving green spaces all around the house. A central courtyard is created as a transition from public zoning to private. The court is kept as a focus by the allure of Black granite.The court is floored by the flowers of Frangipani.


As one enter could see an uninterrupted line of vision with green pockets in between. The living opens to a green court which is a rejuvenating .The Puja room sits at the end of the court. With a thought of creating an interactive connection between the kitchen and dining, a kitchen garden is designed. The spaces are created to be more dynamic. The bedroom in the ground floor merges with the landscape. A huge skylight and landscaped floor are integrated into the bathroom, to create a feel of bathing outdoors. As we climb up with the bear foot to feel the exposed charm of concrete, we come to a family living space.The living space is designed to keep warm with its wooden flooring and minimal wall decor.A cantilevered bedroom with internal view overlooks the courtyard from upstair. A cantilevered balcony is created which is an outward looking space. The balcony leads to a view of the surrounding to enjoyed the evenings and morning. Every space is connected visually which bring an interaction for the family. The notion to create internal peep out and connecting frames derived, making the house more interesting. As we approach onto the stair, a floating sense is created. Informal seatings are obtained at pause points in this house as a part of seating. A level difference is created to mark the spaces rather the walls. The privacy kept well intact by these levels.


Light is used as the key element in this project , as it is linked with divinity. The natural light is well explored by strategic planning. The central skylight is covered by play of colorful leaves which brings the shadow onto the wall.The irregular pattern of light and shadow adds to the aesthetics of the space. A drama of light into the Colored leaves in the court is mesmerized throughout the year. The concept of creating a real near to nature enthusiasm into spaces is succeeded through the design. The spaces are designed such a way that one is connected by the visual lines at different levels.


The material palette is kept minimal, such as black granite and Marble flooring. At places concrete is left exposed, to appreciate its intrinsic beauty. The entire design is expressed by three key components-Wood, concrete, and white. Since the house is conceived to reflect the personality of this family, the approach is kept simple with minimal decor. To add a little color, the Floating cube in the front is painted blue with random punctures. These punctures are created to play with the frame of views.

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